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If two 16 year olds are having a baby and love each enough to raise the baby together what will happen to their relationship?


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September 12, 2011 9:37PM


The odds are extremely high that you will not be in this relationship by or before you turn 20, which is extremely unfortunate for the innocent child. The reason is that you both lack the maturity to accept the obligations and responsibilities that is necessary to endure the difficulties that you are GUARANTEED to experience. Also, one or both of your is going to grow to resent the other for cutting your youth short. At 16, you are too young to take on adult lives.

I MOSTLY agree

The above statement is largely correct. At 16 it will be difficult to look after a chld while still wanting to enjoy your own youth. However, if you realy do love each other and, most importantly, have VERY good support from both sides of your familys i see no reason why you couldn't last. Nothing is impossible.