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If two young henless well-fed active city backyard roosters suddenly stop crowing should you be concerned?


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One view: * No, if they eat and defecate regularly and continue with their normal behavior without the crowing, you need not be concerned. Another view: * My rooster stops crowing in the winter. Yet Another View: * You don't need to worry you may in fact have two hens that some times crow and have not started to lay eggs yet.


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We have the same problem. We have tw roosters and 28 hens. They are the White Leghorns. Generally the roosters take turns crowing. Lately the flock has been looks like snow in our coop. The roosters are not crowing. I have looked for an answer as you have. Interesting we both have the same problem. It looks like molting may have something to do with them not crowing.

You can't. Crowing is a basic essential of roosters because they crow to proclaim their territory. Selling your roosters and keeping hens would do.

There is no "certain" time of day that roosters crow. Many things can cause a roosters alarm to sound off; things in the enviroment, and intruder, having a "crowing fight" with the rooster down the street, etc

roosters usually crow to attract females and as they are known for crowing on a morning, the explanation for that is that they are 'waking their 'herd''

A cockerel will usually start to practice crowing at about 5 months old or sooner, especially if the alpha rooster is vocal. The young roosters often mimic the boss bird and answer to his calls.

All roosters crow. There is no breed I am aware of that makes no noise. Crowing is a big part of the roosters job, he is the guardian of the flock and must keep the flock alert and danger away. This is done partly by crowing.

It depends. Some roosters start crowing when only 2 months old while others start at about 5 months old.

== == All of my roosters start crowing around 5-6 months old. Roosters will usually make their first attempt at crowing between 5 and 8 weeks old. At that time the males in the flock will also start trying to establish dominance over the other roosters of the same age.Even the adult rooster gets challenged which always results in a quick tail kicking and a dash for cover for the upstart. This is usually the point when the culling begins and those feisty little upstarts are either off to the freezer or to another farm.

No. Roosters crow when they see light, it's instinctive.

It's not an idiom because you can figure out the meaning. Roosters crow to show the other chicken's who's the boss, so crowing means you're proud of yourself. Something worth crowing about would be something you deserve to be proud about.

All roosters crow. But the crowing IS NOT what fertilizes the eggs. They are fertilized when the male mates with the female.

The likely term is a "cockadoodling rooster" (crowing roosters are said to sound like cock-a-doodle-doo).

This particular dreams meaning depends on what the roosters are doing, and how you feel about them in the dream. Removed from any context, an image of roosters might represent morning (crowing) or anticipation of a chicken dinner. In Biblical tradition, the rooster can represent the Apostle Peter.

Roosters tend to get larger wattles and combs. They will be more of a bright red color, also. The hens combs will be more of a pinkish like when they were chicks. Of course, the roosters will start crowing soon. Mine started crowing one morning--I thought they were fighting--I heard some terrible squawking--The two roosters were talking--they just couldn't say the "doo" part of the cockadoodledoo.

While Silkie bantams are small, the roosters often are boisterous and can be loud. The crowing often can be controlled during the night by keeping the chicken coop very dark.

Roosters make this noise to calm and reassure the hen all is right with the flock. Roosters have many ways to communicate with the hens such as crowing, which is a call to other roosters to let them know he is guarding the flock or to let the hens who have wandered away from the flock to come back.

We have two that share the same hatch date. One started crowing around 5 months old. The other not until almost 8 months old. I suppose there is a standard, but my roosters were to stubborn to follow it.

NO! The only way to keep a rooster from crowing is to get it de-crowed. It is just the same as de-barking a dog. All you have to do is remove its vocal chords. DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME UNLESS YOU HAVE DONE IT MORE THAN 10 TIMES WITHOUT FAILING.

Apparently a sword struck to the roof of its mouthIt is stated that the crowing of a rooster is fatal to the basilisk. It is for this reason that Ginny Weasly - controlled by the diary - kills the roosters.

A cock (rooster) crowing. Roosters are, of course, supposed to crow at dawn, and the ghost says he must return to Purgatory before then.

It is natural for cockerels to crow, they start practicing at about 4 months old. Crowing is communication. Roosters use it for a variety of reasons. They call to the hens to warn them of danger, to lead them back home and to reassure them he is on duty. He also uses his crow to challenge other roosters.

Young roosters start to practice crowing at about 5 months old. Cockerels start to show gender specific behavior at about 4 weeks old but the first semi crowing behavior takes place about the same time as the hens are getting ready to lay the first eggs.

I always thought that they crowed only when the sun was rising; however, when my neighbour decided to start raising chickens, his rooster was crowing about every 10 minutes all day.

One antonym for crowing would be " cowering"

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