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They don't sleep like we do. They are able to let one half of their brain sleep while the other remains conscious. They continue to surface for air.

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Can whales go underwater for 20 min without breathing?

yes they can

Which animal stays underwater for two hours without breathing?

Some whales and Crocodilles can remain underwater for up to two hours.

Do whales have hair or fir?

no becase they are mammls

How do blue whales breathe under water?

Blue whales are mammals. They breathe air with lungs, pretty much just like you and I. When they dive, they hold their breath.

How do whales stay underwater without drowning?

A whale CAN drown- they cannot stay underwater indefinitely. When underwater, they hold their breath. They are REALLY good at holding their breath, and their bodies have adapted to doing that.

What is the biggest underwater animal?

whales are the largest underwater animal.

How long do gray whales stay underwater?

Adult gray whales can stay underwater for approximately 10 - 15 minutes.

How do whales drink underwater?


Can you hear whales underwater?


How deep can whales swim in the ocean?

Whales cannot swim very far underwater just because they are too big. Whales can swim up to 3000 feet underwater.

Does whales sweat?

well, no one can know for sure because whales are underwater! and, everything is wet underwater. sorry i can't be more helpful.

Why can whales stay underwater for such a long period of time?

whales can stay underwater for such a long period of time because of the thick skin they are having

What are facts sperm whales?

sperm whales can stay underwater for 90 minutes

How often does a whale have to vent?

Whales come up to "vent" every ten to fifteen minutes. A common myth is that whales can go hours without breathing air.

Which whale sings underwater?

Humpback whales

How long do humpback whales breathe underwater before taking a breath?

Humpback whales DO NOT BREATH UNDERWATER, They breath at the surface and hold their breath while underwater. Humpback whales can dive for up to 30 minutes, but usually last only 15 minutes.

How long can whales stay underwater for?

The blue whale can stay underwater for 20 minuties

How are dolphins kind of fish?

Dolphins are not fish they are mammals or air breathing creatures that live underwater and come up for air like whales . ps.dolphins are part of the whale family

Can whale take a breath underwater?

Through their blowholes as long as they aren't totally submerged. If not, they're mammals with lungs! Just like you or me (assuming that me or you are people and not aliens or fishmen) , whales would drown if they tried breathing underwater because they lack gills.

How do whales and other sea mammals communicate underwater?

they use underwater echo sound location!

What does lungs help whales to do?

Whales breathe with lungs. Breathing helps them survive.

How are dolphins and whales alike?

they both live underwater

How do beluga whales drink water?

they go underwater

When whales are underwater is its blowhole closed or not?

i think yes

What are two mammals that can swim underwater?

Whales and dolphins.

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