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Sure, why not? That's what MySpace is for, "a place to meet friends", so why not use it do reconnect with old ones?

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โˆ™ 2008-08-17 23:57:41
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Q: If while on MySpace you see an old online friend you lost contact with a few yrs ago is it okay to contact them?
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Does Taylor Lautner accept all MySpace friend requests?

Yes, I happen to have him, he gets a lot, so if it take him a while, you can understand why.

How can you find somebody who you knew a while ago but you lost touch?

MySpace is the total, complete answer! You can search for them on there, and you'll probably be able to find them. I found someone who was my best friend in kindergarten, I mean, that's how cool MySpace is!

What are MySpace proxies used for?

MySpace Proxies can be used to minimize traces one leaves while surfing the internet, particularly while on Facebook, Youtube and (as the name suggests) MySpace.

Which is better Facebook or MySpace?

While MySpace has lost noteriety recently to Facebook, it is a matter of preference.

Where to meet other lesbians online I am almost 17 and looking for something long distance.?

You can contact them via other websites. You can contact them by searching online. You should not be violating the rules while doing so.

What is the difference between Facebook and MySpace?

Myspace is more open to anyone to use it. While facebook is more friendly.

How practical is it finding a old friend from the 70s - not much on the web?

While there are various friend-finding websites to help a person reconnect with old friends, it is very unlikely that your friend may also be looking for you. It is better that you try to contact your friend by using an online phonebook such as to get their phone number and call them up, or ask people who were once mutual friends if they have your old friend's details.

What is more popular YouTube or MySpace?

YouTube. YouTube is the #4 most trafficked website in the world, while MySpace is #12.

How do talk to a guy without showing that you like him?

when you and the boy is talking give no eye contact... AT ALL... pretend your hardly interested in what he's saying. When your friend pass by while he's talking interupt him while he talking to you by talking to your friend

Which device can you install on your computer in order to allow a friend to view your live image while you chat online?

A webcam

My daughter wants a MySpace and i want your opinion. should a 10 year old girl have a MySpace?

MySpace can be a safe place to be if your Child makes the right choices while in the website! It really all depends on the Child's decisions, and how he/she decides to use MySpace! MySpace can be a safe place to be if your Child makes the right choices while in the website,like how old ,where from and having a private profile.

Who is the tom from MySpace?

he is a guy who can help you out if you need it while using your my space

Can you chat to one friend and be invisible to others?

Yes you can. Just select the "Invisible" mode. Then if oyur friend is online, just let them know you're online by possibly saying "Hey" or "What's up" And you can chat, while being invisible to others.

Is bebo better than MySpace?

Bebo is easier to add photo's etc. While myspace has HTML coding which is a lot more complicated and boring.

Can a friend pick up BC refill at planned parenthood for you?

Yes. Contact your local office to find out what steps are needed to allow your friend to pick up your refill while still ensuring your privacy.

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Mainly sports (basketball) but we do go out for movies once in a while and a bit of online gaming. We have similar interests.

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Does Megan Fox have a MySpace?

Yes!!! Megan Fox does have a myspace page. She might have said she doesn't in some video's, but those video's were from a while back. Well here is Megan's REAL myspace page;

How can you get your MySpace password?

You make up a password while in the process of registering you account .

Mario kart wii problem on WiFi my friend is online but while he is racing i don't see a yellow smile what is wrong help me please?

It's possible that your friend hasn't added you on his friend list yet, which would make that not work.

Is LDS Online dating the only Mormon Dating service available?

Yes, LDS Online is a Mormon online dating service. While you do not have to be Mormon in order to join or search, you are not allowed to post or contact Mormon members if you are not one.

How old do you have to have MySpace?

they've changed it so many times, it used to be 16 but now i believe its 13 (i could be wrong its been a while since i used myspace)

How do you capitalize words on your MySpace profile?

Press the shift key while typing the words.

Can your employer contact you while covered with a sick note?

can a employer contact you while you are covered by a sick note

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Right click on their name either in the chat screen or after clicking on them while they are flying by and three options will come up asking if you want invite them (to a party that is), wing invite them, or friend invite them. Just click on the friend invite them and they will receive a message asking them if they want to become your friend on Battlestar Galactica Online.