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If you'r exactly as Nick Jonas has describe his dreamgirl how can you tell him that?


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Tell him really slowly so he'll understand. Here's an example of what to say. Hey, Nick I heard you talking about your dream girl. (He'll probably then say something) What exactly does it take to become your're "dream girl" then. (He'll probably tell you) {if he doesn't say what you want, say well what would you say if i told you i knew someone that fit that description. (He'll probably say, Who) Well lets just say she's close bye. (How close) Hmm, well she's in this building. (and) Whe's got {whatever colour hair you have} and {whatever colour eyes you have}. (Let's see give me another clue, if he says that) [keep on going if he hasn't guessed you] You know who she is. You've seen her. (if he guesses you say maybe but you tell) If he still hasn't said anything, or hasn't guessed you, keep on going. ] You should know this by now. She's got {your hair colour} {your eye colour} and has talked to you. You should know. (He should guess you by now)