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Hello, Yes, you will still experience pregnancy symptoms if you conceive while on the pill. But you need to stop taking the pill because you suspect you're pregnant. See your doctor for a pregnancy blood test.

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Q: If you're the pill and you think you're pregnant can you still get the symptoms of pregnancy?
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Can you feel pregnancy symptoms and still not be pregnant?

Yes you can! Sometimes when you think or want to be pregnant you feel the symtoms.. Other times it will be PMS same symptoms which sucks

If you get pregnant on implanon birth control what are the symptoms?

The symptoms of pregnancy are same with or without the contraceptive implant. If you think you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

Do guys have symptoms of pregnancy?

If I am correct, men can get what they think are symptoms of pregnancy, but really they are just worried about there pregnant girlfriend or wife or partner... But literally, men can not get real symptoms of being pregnant because they are not female. hope this helped!!

Can you still have period symptoms if you think your pregnant?

if your certain your pregnent then no

With no sympthoms of pregnancy can you still be pregnant?

No i don't think so.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms and not be pregnant?

Yes; it is called a phantom pregnancy. Which basically means that it is all psychological. Either you are very afraid, guilty, paranoid etc. about being pregnant that you think your mind into being pregnant or you want to be pregnant to bad that you fool your body into thinking that you are pregnant. You will experience pregnancy symptoms and can even lactate during a phantom pregnancy.

Why would a woman experience pregnancy symptoms if shes not pregnant?

because birth control can make you think you're pregnant.

Can you take some quizzes to know if you might be pregnant?

Look up pregnancy symptoms on the internet, if you have any of those symptoms get a pregnancy test. If you are a minor in most states you can still go to a clinic for free and anonymously to be tested for pregnancy. Research your state laws on the internet as well. Dont wait if you think you are pregnant, find out!

What if you have no symptoms but think your pregnant?

Buy a pregnancy test at the pharmacy, follow the directions carefully and find out.

What if you had most of the pregnancy symptoms before your period was due and then the symptoms disappeared but a pregnancy test is negative and your period is nine days late?

you might be pregnant, but i doubt it. the symptoms were probably just pms, and if you were worried/excited that you might be pregnant, the stress could have delayed your period. if you dont get your period by the end of the week , take another test - if you are pregnant you may have just tested too early. if you still think you are pregnant , but still get a negative result, see your dr.

Do people who arent pregnant and that want to be have the same symptoms a pregnant woman does?

No,Unless you had a historical pregnancy(Where you think you pregnant but not;Usually happens when you're desperate for a baby)But if you think you're pregnant take a test.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy in the first week?

Because many symptoms do not begin until weeks 3-8, it is difficult to tell if you are pregnant in the first 2 weeks.Normal symptoms of pregnancy include:nausea- with or without vomitingtender, swollen breastsincreased urinationfatiguefood cravings or dislikesIf you think you are pregnant, you can see your doctor for a pregnancy test or get a home pregnancy test from your local grocery store or pharmacy.

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