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No. You are responsible for your debts. You are both responsible for joint debts. Your spouse is repsonsible for your spouse's debts. This is regardless of when you get married or when the debt is acquired. There are a few exceptions such as burial expenses, nursing homes, estates, tax l iens, etc. But for regular consumer debts pertaining to loans and revolving credit, only the person who signed the application for credit is repsonsible for the debt incurred.

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If spouse is not responsible for student loans acquired before marriage why do they ask for his information?

They are not responsible, but they will consider the spouses income as part of your ability to pay and determine your monthly payments (if on some kind of repayment program) according to your total family income.

Am i responsible for my wife's student loans?

If she incurred within the bounds of the marriage (after you were married). Then yes you are responsible. If they were incurred before then no you are not.

What is the responsible of a student?

yes student responsible

Is a husband responsible to pay for a deceased wife's student loans?

A wife pays for her student loans. First the student has to pay for his own loans. Husband doesn't have to at all. Take legal advice. The repayment of the debt could be taken from her estate before any bequests.

How long does one have to wait after legal marriage to a non-US citizen to be eligible for student loans?

I was a university student when I married my illegal immigrant husband. It made no change in my student loans at all.

Will I be responsible for my husband's student loans in a divorce?

IF his student loans accumulated before the marriage, no you will not have to pay for them. However, if it is something that he did while you were married the court may see it as him provding for the two of you and you may be responsible for a share. I would contact an attorney and discuss when the student loans came to be and what you can do to get out of paying.

What does a student council treasurer do?

A student council treasurer is responsible for keeping track of the money for student council. Sometimes there are fundraisers for various events and the treasurer is responsible for this.

Is a husband liable for a student loan that his wife received during a previous marriage and the loan is in default?

No he is not, my husband and i just went through this last tax season. I have a defaulted school loan from years ago. This past year when we filed our taxes the IRS tried to keep our refund. My husband had to fill out a form and mail it to the IRS stating he was not liable for my loans before marriage. I forget what the form was or what it is called

My husband owed approx 10000 in student loan prior to marriage During the marriage it was paid off Now that we're getting a divorce should I ask for reimbursement?

Nope you sure can't I have tried. His student loans came in handy when you were married and provided him his job. that is how the law sees it. You aren;t intiled for anything when it comes to that.

How can someone get student loans from the government?

Government Student Loans can be acquired from student loan websites such as StaffordLoan, WellsFargo, StudentGrants, PNC, StudentAid, and many more.

Both your husband and you have student loans will you be responsible for his in a divorce?

Federally Guaranteed student loans are linked to the borrower by their social security number. Only the person listed on the loan by SS# is obligated to repay the loan, not spouses, parents, children, or anyone else.

What is a sentence using the word responsible?

Your student was not actually responsible for composing this sentence.

Is a spouse financially responsible for the other spouse's student loan debt?

This is a matter of state law. It depends where you live. In a community property state, generally, yes. In a separate property state, generally, no. Other facts that would be necessary to answer this question, depending on the situation are: When were the student loans incurred? Prior to marriage? During marriage? When are you guaging financial responsibility? During marriage? After one spouse's death? After divorce?

Are teachers responsible for the poor performance of their students?

Every situation is different but the student holds the most responsibility. Teachers and parents are responsible to help the student.

How a student leader serve student?

a student council leader will be responsible for their student body like telling them what they need to do. Also checking what they are doing

How do you spell tresher for Student Council?

The term is spelled "treasurer" and is the student responsible for the funds collected and spent by the Student Council.

Causes of early marriage in the Philippines like family problema student looking for a help?

Early marriage in the Philippines

Is student loan a spousal debt after divorce?

If the debt was acquired during the divorce is could be taking into consideration.

How can a student immigrant apply for marriage a US citizen?

eat lots of cheese

Is future spouse responsible for my student loans?

No, it does not morph into a marital obligation.

What are the characteristics of a responsible student?

a responsible student listens to the teacher and other peers. he or she always does their homework and helps other students in school. they're kind to others and are considerate. they don't always think about themselves.

How to Make sentence with the word responsible?

A student who does their own work is responsible.The sun and humidity, both areresponsiblefor damaging your hair.

Can you file bankruptcy for your student loans and keep your house out of it?

If the student loan is a federal loan and not a private loan then the answer is no. Federal student loans can not be included in bankruptcy, you will always be responsible for repayment of FEDERAL student loans.

What is mean by registrar?

-person employed to keep a record of the owners of stocks and bonds issued by the company -the administrator responsible for student records -someone responsible for keeping records -person employed to keep a record of the owners of stocks and bonds issued by the company -the administrator responsible for student records -someone responsible for keeping records

Are your parents responsible for your student loan?

If it was taken out before you were 18, it's your parents. After that, it depends on the kind of student loan, and who signed the papers.

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