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i think either would work but when i asked i got a punch in he crotch:)

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Q: If you aks a the best friend of a girl you want to date whether or not she likes you and she says no should you move on or ask the girl who you want to date?
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Should you go for your friend's good friend if you know he likes you and you like him too but you also know your friend likes you?

Well it depends on whether she likes him as more than a friend or not. I have been out with my best friends friend but that didnt end too well so I suggest that you talk to her about how she feels about him.

If you aks a girls best friend whether or not she likes you and she says no should you move on or ask the girl who you want to date?

The best thing to do is let it go, BUT, there is the slight chance that she does, but her friend says she isn't. So use your gut if you feel you should then do so. If not then don't

What do you do If the boy you like likes your best friend but your best friend likes his best friend who likes you?

you have a fight with them

What can my friend do if she likes this guy but he has a girlfriend which is her best friend but then a guy she kinda likes asked her out what should she do?

go with the guy she kinda likes if she goes with the other one her friend will get mad at her and not talk to her anymore and you should let your friend be happy with her boyfriend

If your best friend likes your girlfriend what should you do?

Then hes not your best friend anymore. If he can't change of course.

What to do if your boyfriend likes your best friend and your best friends boyfriend likes you?

You should break up with your boyfriend and get your best friends instead

What should I do its my first crush and I told him I liked him he likes me too he's my best guy friend so now what?

Time will tell whether it is romance in addition to the friendship.

What if your best friend likes you and asked you out and you are secretly dating someone else?

well if you like your best friend then you should go out with him|her... but if you don't your best friend then you should tell him|her, that you are going out with someone already.

What if your best friend is really cute but is going out with your other best friend but he always hangs around with you what should you do?

well you should be up front and serious and ask him if he likes you or your your friend and from there you should know what to do.

If your girlfriend likes your best friend what should you do?

break up with her. but r u sure he likes him?

What should you do if you like a boy and he likes you but your best friend likes him too?

Confront your Friend and discuss this that would best bet. Unless you want to end your friend ship. See how the boy reacts to both of you.

Like your best friend what should you do?

Well if your best friend likes you the same way then you might consider asking him or her out but if they don't then you should just be friends with them.

What should you do if a girl likes her best friends crush and the crush likes her but not her best friend?

BE HONEST. It sucks,( for your friend) and it awkward for you but in the end it's better to tell your best friend. Maybe the crush has a friend for your besty

What if your best guy friend likes your best girl friends but she doesnt like him How should you tell him?

Tell him she sees him like a brother , or just as a friend , or she likes someone else.

I like my best friend and she likes me too Should I tell her?

If you like your best friend, and she likes you, too, and you know this for certain, then it would make sense for you to tell her and discuss the situation.

Why did your best guy friend get shy when his friend told you and him that you should date?

Because he probably likes you. :-)

What should you do if you like a guy that your best friend really likes?

Well......I think you should ask your friend if it's okay.

What Should You Do If Everybody Says That Your Best Guy Friend Likes You?

ask him

Should a guy date his best friend?

only if she likes you back if not then no.

What should you do if the guy you like likes your best friend?

rape them... with teeth.

You like this guy but you know he likes your best friend. Your best friend knows you like this guy and she claims she doesn't like him. What do you do?

well sorry i know this is hard to heard, but if he likes ur friend u should let her have him

What should you do if your best friend doesn't approve of your boyfriend?

Well, if your best friend likes your boyfriend, then I really think you shouldn't date him. If your best friend just doesn't like him, then you should just date him. I mean, does it really matter what your best friend thinks? She should like you no matter who you date.

My best friend likes the same person that i do and i think she likes my best friend?

Nothing should come betwenn friendship. You need to talk to him/her and sort out what is going on. A crush is nothing to fight over.

Should you ask your best friend out if you are 13 and you like her and people say she likes you and she has hinted that she likes you but she has a boyfriend?

As long as she has a boyfriend, you should not ask her out.

What should you do when there is this guy in your class that likes you and you like him back but he goes out with your best friend?

You should do nothing