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If he phones you If he stares at you a lot when you are out Sometimes guys/women can go out of their way to make you jealous If he watches you or seems interested in who you are with If he constantly shows up at the same places you are I suggest you just move on and have some fun. If you are meant to be together then you will be. It's odd in life, that when we care so much over losing someone and we feel our heart will break in two, we just sit in that pitiful puddle of misery, but once we're over that and move on, start dating, damn! Many times the guy/gal we cared about just won't leave us alone. I hope you are going to be one of those women. Good luck Marcy

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Q: If you and your boyfriend have broken up what signs might show there is something still there between you?
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What do small brown moths sybolize?

My boyfriend had a dream with moths in it and we were both wondering if that might symbolize something. My boyfriend had a dream with moths in it and we were both wondering if that might symbolize something.

If a friend likes your boyfriend what do you do?

just ignore it. if you do something it might wreck your friendship with your friend or your boyfriend.

Why do your ex boyfriend still looks at you?

because he might still have feeling for you or he might have something to say to you.

Why is she cheating on her boyfriend with you?

She might feel like she is missing something and you are giving it to her.

Why would your daughter want you to tell her boyfriend it was over between them?

Because something might have happened, so she looks up to you to end her relationship because she might not be able to end it herself.

Why does my boyfriend spank me?

well he might think you like it and are turned on by it. or he might be a dominate. or he might just want to punish you for something.

What does it mean when you dream of getting a divorce with your boyfriend?

This dream is most likely an exaggeration of some disagreement or difference that has developed between the dreamer and her boyfriend. Alternatively, both the divorce and the boyfriend might symbolize something else. For example, the dreamer might have a difference of opinion with a boss or supervisor that could develop into her leaving ("divorcing") her job.

Why has your boyfriend broken up with you but wont let go of the relationship?

Most likely he is embarressed to be with you, his mates might not be to fond of you.

What is the difference between Have and Do?

Have is something you might get. And do is something like you will like it or something like that.

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Your boyfriend play flirts with your best friend what do you do?

Trustfully , You might lose your boyfriend but you gotta flirt with your man , He is your and something made him say YES to you girly .

Is your boyfriend abusing your friend?

Well maybe you should ask him or her.But if he is then you might have to make a decision between your boyfriend or your abused friend.

What does it mean when your boyfriend never calls you back?

Usually its because they are busy or doing something else, unless you did something to irritate them, then they might be ignoring you.

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend dreamed that you were pregnant?

Well that depends from who if it's from him then something good might happen with you and him.

Should you have broken up with your bf?

This is actually a very vague question. This might be something you need to sit down and ask yourself. It depends on how your relationship with your boyfriend was working out. Were you happy? Were you unhappy? Being controlled? Smooth sailing? It all depends on how you feel.

What is the phrase 'Let sleeping dogs-'?

The phrase is "let sleeping dogs lie." It is the same as "if it isn't broken, don't fix it." These mean something to the effect of if something is serving its purpose, don't change it. If you wake up the sleeping dog, it might bite you. If you fix something that isn't broken, it might not work the same.

Why does your ex-boyfriend act nervous around you?

he might not be over you yet or he is afraid he might say something that will make you think he wants you back.

Why would your ex boyfriend keep in touch with your best friend yet he is doing NC with you?

They might be hiding something. Your ex boyfriend and your BFF may be going out secretly.

What does it mean when you dream about your ex boyfriend who's alive but dead in your dream?

This dream suggests that the current relationship with your boyfriend might be drawing to a close. In dreams, "death" usually symbolizes the end of something and the beginning of something new.

How can you tell your boyfriend something embarrassing?

Just sit down with your boyfriend and have a heart to heart talk with him. If he's a good boyfriend he'll understand, but his reaction might also depend on what kind of embarrasing you're talking about. ;)

Is your boyfriend sleeping around?

ANSWER: If you think your boyfriend is doing something that made you realize acting funny, then he might, but what you need to do is talk to him bluntly. Ask him what bothers you and tell him what he needs to know.

Who is the black haired singer who has a video in which she breaks up with her boyfriend?

You might be thinking of Evanescence.AnswerMaybe it's the song "Broken" and it's on one of the "Seether" CDs.

Your Nerf maverick mechanism wont pull back?

The springs might be broken, or something might be clogging the weapon like some gum or something. You should take the blaster apart and see if anything is wrong.

What do you do why your boyfriend is always mad at you?

Ask him why. Or talk to him about it. He might only be struggling through something else and is taking it out on you. Intentionally or unintentionally.

What do you do if you think your boyfriend is a rapist?

Tell the police immediatly, and also get away from him asap!!! He might try something on you, or might say you are too. Don't let him know where you going.