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No! It takes time to really get to know each other. Right now the stars are in both your eyes, the world is your oyster and life is a bowl of cherries, but this feeling will fade a little and reality sets in. There is nothing wrong with doing it right ... having your relationship, seeing where it goes, getting that education and working to become an independent woman, get married and having your children. I truly wish that schools would have a course where teenage boys/girls stayed with a family for a month that had small children and a baby and these teenagers had to get up at all hours of the night to change poopy diapers and clean up vomit, warm up formulas, sit for hours and try to coax gas out of the little darling, and keep a keen eye on ALL those little ones. I think teenagers would think twice before getting too excited about having a baby at too early an age. Having a baby together does express each other's love, but, it also means you must be mature, reliable, willing to give up almost everything to bring that child up. This is not just a "baby" but a little human being that is you and your partners responsibility to teach them to be good all around human beings. It means keeping them safe and secure and even when you think you have taught them everything you still worry about them. Please wait to have your babies. Right now you only have eyes for your boyfriend, but things could change and you may fall in love with someone else down the line. Get to know who you are and what you want out of life. There is so much to see out in that world. Women have fought hard to become independent and you may want a career. It's not easy staying home and raising children, watching your friends go out and have fun and you can't. Once you have a baby most of the friends you have will simply move on because you are on another level of your life and they don't have kids. Your friends will want to "party down" talk about guys and just be silly and have fun. If you have children you can't do that! Marcy Do you make around $35,000 a year, because that's what it will cost to effectively raise a healthy child and secure his or her furture with any degree of comfort on your part. Love plays a large part in your life, but practicality has to as well. You're young and have years of progression yet to do on your own. There's time for the miracle of a family and lasting romance. Give it time.

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Q: If you and your boyfriend love each other and will do anything for each other should you have a baby with him at an early age of 16?
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