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It shouldn't impact your credit rating all. However, his bankruptcy will remain on his credit for up to 10 years. If you get married and try to buy a home for example, then his credit rating will affect both of you.

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Q: If you and your fiance want to get a joint bank account but he has filed bankruptcy in the past will this affect your credit?
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How will your past bankruptcy effect your fiance?

It won't affect your fiance' directly unless you share a loan that you're filing on. Otherwise, s(he) should know that you filed bankruptcy because your credit is going to be negative for quite some time. This could affect your fiance' in time when you have a place together and want or need to finance.

If you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy will it affect your ability to rent an a apartment or own a home and will it affect your fiance?

Your debt is completely your own, and will not affect your fiance's credit rating. It would play a part in purchasing a house in your name only. As far as renting, landlords will usually consider you a "good risk". After BK discharge the person is for the most part (or should be) debt free.

Can you fiance a house after bankruptcy?

Yes, 3 years after discharge of the Bankruptcy.

Will my fiance's bankruptcy effect me after we are married We have no joint loans?

IT should only affect you if you attempt to secure a loan or interest together. Often times, when a credit report is required for an account, the APR or other factors are determined by the lowest score from all applicants. In other words, if you go to buy a house and try to secure the loan in both your and your fiance's names, the bank providing the loan will likely use the lower credit score to determine the loan. If you never combine any loans, credit cards, or other accounts; there should be no direct impact on your credit-worthiness.

You bought a car for your fiance and now the wedding is off you need to get rid of the car Can you return the car to the dealer And how will this affect your credit?

In general, you cannot return a car to a dealer. You can sell it back to them, though. Selling it won't affect your credit.

If you have bad credit but your fiance has good credit how will you be affected when applying for a mortgage loan?

Yes, if both people apply for a joint loan, both credit reports will be used to determine the elgibility of the borrowers.

What is feminine of fiance?

The feminine of fiance, is simply fiance.

If your ex fiance owes you a large sum of money and files for bankruptcy can he include you in that bankruptcy and after he is discharged can you sue him for the money?

No, that's the point of filing bankruptcy. Suing him would be in violation ofthe permanent stay against creditors including you. He can have the bankruptcy court stop the suit and allow him attorney's fees and even damages.If you had grounds for objecting to dscharge, you should have filed an objection with the court.

Your fiance and you qualified for Medicaid for your pregnancy If you were to go ahead and get married would it affect the Medicaid?

In this situation, your marriage should not affect your Medicaid eligibility.

Do you have to be out of bankruptcy for 2 years to be able to re fiance your home?

I was nedding to know if I could refiance my home even though my bankrupcy was just discharged in Jan. of this year?

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How does a none immigrant fiance apply for a none immgrant fiance?

If you bought a car in your name for a fiance and then she left you said she would pay for it and doesnt can you sue her for the money or is bankruptcy the only way because you cant afford it?

you can repo the car from your fiance yourself and try to sell it to get to pay it off,yes you can sue your fiance for the money also,this doesnt mean you will get the money from your fiance,a judgment against someone means nothing unless they are employeed,have assets or someway to pay the judgment ,if she isn't paying for the car how will you collect on the judgment ,by the way it takes months to get a judgment against someone

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My fiance filed chapter 11 bankruptcy and now we want to get married can the court trustee demand more money?

Make sure that it was a chapter 11 and not a chapter 7 or a chapter 13. Many times there are no trustees in a chapter 11 and chapter 11 is almost always a larger business bankruptcy.

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There are not very many banks that would help you finance a loan with a bad credit score. You should visit for more help acquiring a bank that would take a bad credit score.

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