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If you and your fiance want to get a joint bank account but he has filed bankruptcy in the past will this affect your credit?


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It shouldn't impact your credit rating all. However, his bankruptcy will remain on his credit for up to 10 years. If you get married and try to buy a home for example, then his credit rating will affect both of you.


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It won't affect your fiance' directly unless you share a loan that you're filing on. Otherwise, s(he) should know that you filed bankruptcy because your credit is going to be negative for quite some time. This could affect your fiance' in time when you have a place together and want or need to finance.

Yes, 3 years after discharge of the Bankruptcy.

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Your debt is completely your own, and will not affect your fiance's credit rating. It would play a part in purchasing a house in your name only. As far as renting, landlords will usually consider you a "good risk". After BK discharge the person is for the most part (or should be) debt free.

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