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Yes, if both people apply for a joint loan, both credit reports will be used to determine the elgibility of the borrowers.

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Q: If you have bad credit but your fiance has good credit how will you be affected when applying for a mortgage loan?
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Will your good credit be affected negatively when obtaining a mortgage with fiance who has bad credit assuming that all mortgage payments are paid on time from day one?

It shouldn't be, but then credit bureaus are rather notorious for errors in reporting. Generally debt incurred separately is reported as such. Joint accounts may or may not appear on a report as joint debt. Any problem that arises might be with the lender rather than the CRA's.

If your fiance has already been approved but you are not working right now can he put your name on the mortgage?

In order for your name to be on the mortgage, you would have to be a co-borrower, in which case your income, credit and liability information would have to be considered in qualifying the mortgage.

My ex-fiance and I bought 2 cars together he is primary and I am co-signer for both we are now separated and we will each be keeping our own cars how will i be affected if he doesnt make his payments?

Your credit rating will be negatively affected. As both of you are equally responsible for the loan contract, both of you will be equally affected. Negative notations on your credit report will result in a lower credit score.

Can my name be added to a mortgage if an offer hasn't been made yet on a property but the mortgage is set up in my fiance's name?

If the offer hasn't been made yet, there is no mortgage, your fiance is simply pre-approved for a certain amount. Until the deal actually closes, the mortgage isn't in effect.Most lenders would not have a problem with adding an additional name; it's one more person they could theoretically go after if the mortgage defaults, and if they're willing to bet that your fiance can make the payments, betting that between your fiance and you you'll be able to make the payments is kind of a no-brainer.

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How will your past bankruptcy effect your fiance?

It won't affect your fiance' directly unless you share a loan that you're filing on. Otherwise, s(he) should know that you filed bankruptcy because your credit is going to be negative for quite some time. This could affect your fiance' in time when you have a place together and want or need to finance.

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