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Eat and exercise a lot

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Q: If you are 11years old and weigh 126 pounds what is the quickest way to lose weight?
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Im 11years old 5ft tall and 101 pounds is that over weight?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you neeed to eat something and you shouldn't be concererned if that is all you weigh! you are fine!!!!

Who much does mars weight?

On Mars, you weigh 37.7% as much as you would on Earth. If you weigh 100 pounds on Earth, you weigh only 37.7 pounds on Mars. If you weigh 150 pounds on Earth, you weigh only 56.6 pounds. The equation is .37 x Earth weight = Martian weight.

If you weigh 201 pounds what is the weight of mars with you?

On Mars, you'd weigh 76.38 pounds.

How many pounds would you weigh on the moon if you weigh 60 pounds on earth?

10.02 pounds. Take the weight and multiply it by .167 to find the "Moon weight"

What would you weigh on Saturn if your weight was 300 pounds?

On Saturn, you'd weigh 345.00 pounds.

What would your weight be if you weigh 5 pounds on the moon?

On Earth you would weigh 30 pounds.

If you weigh 185 pounds how much do you weigh in kilograms?

You need to divide your weight in pounds by 2.2.

If you weight sixty pounds on Earth what would you weight on the Moon?

You weigh 10 pounds on the Moon.

Object on earth weigh 300newton what is its weight in pounds?

This object has a weight on Earth of 67.5 pounds.

What is the weight of a stingray?

Stingrays can vary in weight depending on the species, but they typically range from about 50 to 500 pounds.

How many pounds did you lose in terms of water weight If you used to weigh 120 now you weigh 110?

You lost 10 pounds of water weight.

Were can you find the weight of a flamingo?

They can weigh from 3.3 pounds to 9 pounds