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its a possibility what you can do is take a preg test if its negative wait two more weeks and take another one or go see a physician and explain the situation and they will know what to do

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Q: If you are 12 days late and then get your period and it only last 3 days and is very light could you be pregnant?
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Your period is over by a couple of days could you still be pregnant?

A: Yes, you can have a light flow menstrual period and still be pregnant.

If my period was 6 days late and then I had a light flow for 4 days could I be pregnant?

yes you can

Could you be pregnant if you spotted for 2 days and then had a normal period?

my period was late 2 days then i had a normal period could you be pregnant yes or no

You have light bleeding 6 days after your period was due could you be pregnant?

Yes - take a test

Could you be pregnant if your period was light and only lasted three days and you have other symptoms?


If your last period was light and only two days but the period your on now is heavier and longer could you be pregnant?

i had my period for two days last month and now i think i have it but i also think that am pregnant what do u think about this

Can you have intercourse then have a period few days after then next month when your period is due it only lasts two days and is really light can you be pregnant?

if your first period was normal and then your next period was not normal for you then you could have got pregnant between the months

If you had your period August 22 which days you could get pregnant?

after 10 days of your period after 10 days of your period

If you had intercourse the day before you came on your period very light for 2 days could you be pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if you had a light period for 2 days an it came 2 weeks early?

Yes congrats

Can you still be pregnant if you got your period 10 days before you were supposed to get it and it was very light and lasted 3 days?

Yes you can, the light period could possibly be implantation bleeding, so take a test when you are due your regular period to see if you are actually pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your period was 3 days late and lasted about 2 days?

yes you could be pregnant.

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