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I can't believe that any parent would give a 15 year old child permission to get married. However, I have to trust the fact you have no reason to lie. If your parents think this is getting you out of a scrape (perhaps you are pregnant) then they are dead wrong! 15 is far too young to get married. I just answered another post similar to yours (perhaps you posted twice) and explained that while you are at home tied down with babies your single girlfriends are out having the time of their lives and all you have ahead of you is many more years of reality that you didn't necessarily have to have. Don't get married! Marcy

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What does the Bible say about virgins?

You should loose it when you get married and you must get the permission of you parents,depends on your believes

Should a nanny babysitter or sitter be allowed to spank your kids?

A nanny can only spank the kid with the parents permission

Is it possible to get married at the ages of 16 or 17 in Georgia without your parents' permission?

No,you must get permission, you should wait until you are older anyway, you are much too young to be thinking about marriage.

Should kids be allowed to divorce there parents?

No kids should not be allowed to divorce parents. They should be allowed to make them up. Divorce is a big decision and i not taken by children.

Should teenagers be allowed to get married without parental consent?

It is not right in todays world that teenagers should get married without the consent of both parents from both sides. First of all marriage is a serious matter, teenagers should first have good jobs, and parents of both should be there as their blessings for the couple is a must for it to work out.

Why should you get parents permission before you observe their child?

Because its their child and the child is only in your care and nothing should take place without their permission!

Should a minor child be allowed to join the military?

A minor can only join the military with the permission of their parents and must be at least 17. An 18 year old can join the military on their own.

Should parents be allowed to divorce their children?

Not at all. parents shouldn't be allowed to marry their children let alone divorce them.

Should you have a permission if you want to sell homemade cookies at fundraiser?

Yes, one absolutely should have permission from the organizers of the fundraiser as well as from one's parents or guardian.

Should it be illegal to sell junk food to children?

no provided the parents permission

Can a Muslim man marry without permission?

According to the Islamic laws, there are some conditions for the validity of the marriage. One of the conditions is that the couple should have the consent of the woman's parent. This rule is accepted by three sects except Hanefi. The permission of the parents for the marriage is a "rukn" and condition (şart) for Hanbali. According to all three sects, the marriage done without the permission of woman's parents is invalid. So it no, a Muslim man cannot get married without permission

Is it legal for a parent to go on their child's Facebook page without their child's permission?

According to Facebooks rules, no-one under the age of 13 should be on Facebook, and those between 13 and 18 are only allowed access with parents permission. Therefore if you are underage, and you have a facebook account your parents have authority over it and may access it at their own discretion.

Should churches be allowed to use intellectual property?

Everyone is allowed to use intellectual property, as long as they have permission from the owner or an exemption in the law.

Should you ask out a girl in 6th grade?

if both parents sign the permission slip.

What age should a girl have layers in her hair?

If you are under age, you should first get permission from your parents to cut your hair.

What if your parents should let you go out when you are in elementary school?

I think you should tell them your not gonna do anything that innaproite . tell them that they could talk to him and his parents about what they think.Also don't date him until you get your parents permission

If a seventeen year old female is in college can she move out without her parents permission if she has a job and is self supporting?

no, I think you should wait till you are 18. You might have a job and be self supporting but you should make sure you have permission from your parents even if you are 18.

Do you have to ask permission from your parents to go places at age 16 in Colorado?

As they're the legal guardians and want to know their child is safe, yes, they should be informed and permission should be requested.

Why should parents not be allowed to select the genter of their kids?

This is a controversial topic. Most would say parents should not be allowed to choose the gender of their child because it will lead to gender imbalance and abortions.

If you want your friend to go to Kauai with you and have to get permission from their parents what should you do?

U should go to the friends house or call the friends house and ask there parents if they can come with u.

Should a high reading leveled fourth grader read twilight?

I think at your reading level and with your parents permission you should.

Priest should be allowed to marry?

Priests should not be allowed to be married. They are to be Christ's earthly representatives, to live as He did, and that cannot be done with a wife in tow.

Should children be allowed mobile phones?

only if their parents allow them to

Should basketball be allowed in elementary school?

if students or parents request, then it could be allowed but it is not that mandatory. happy if it helped.

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