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no it just means the baby is big--if you are diabetic, you are more likely to have a big baby. don't worry Joymaker rn

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Im 32 weeks pregnant and measuring 34 what does this mean?

Your uterus is measuring 34 weeks. My daughter is 39 weeks but measuring 40 weeks by her uterus. When he measures your stomach he is measuring your uterus. does this mean I should be worried? Or that I will have a big baby or deliver early?

Im pregnant but having ovulation pains should i be worried?

No, this is normal. It is pains from your uterus stretching. If you notice any bleeding though, go and see your doctor or midwife

Is the uterus open or closed when pregnant?

Your uterus should close up when pregnant so that nothing can get in to cause an infection towards the baby.

Should your uterus be soft at 7 weeks pregnant?


Can you get pregnant with an cyst?

Yes, you can get pregnant if you have a cysts on your ovaries or your uterus, but it could take a while. If it is a small cyst on your uterus, it should disappear by itself without surgery.

What is pain on lower left side if pregnant?

Could be the uterus growing and skin stretching - if you're worried go and see your doctor or midwife

What does your uterus feel like from the inside if you are pregnant?

You cannot feel your uterus from the inside, pregnant or not.

Can you get pregnant even though you had an radical hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is were your uterus has been removed. So there fore you can not get pregnant. The embryo attaches itself to your uterus. In order for you to become pregnant you have to have a uterus.

Does your tummy supposed to hurt while your pregnant?

Yes it can do that because the uterus is growing to accommodate the fetus. Depends on what kind of pain though. if you are worried contact your doctor.

Who was the first man to get pregnant?

there is no possible way for a man to get pregnant, as a man doesn't have a uterus. if "he" does have a uterus, then "he" is a woman.

What is the medical term meaning malignant tumor of the pregnant uterus?

Choriocarcinoma is a malignant tumor of the pregnant uterus.

Can you shed your uterine lining and have a normal heavy period if your pregnant?

No if you are pregnant the uterus is closed so the lining is still in there. Some spotting can still be during the pregnancie though but not heavy bleeding. If you are worried go to your doctor.

Can your uterus be firm if not pregnant?

No the uterus is not always firm normally.

Can ruta be taken by pregnant women?

Pregnant women should not use ruta because it stimulates contraction of the uterus and can cause miscarriage.

Is there a boy who can be a pregnant?

If he has a uterus.

How much does a pregnant lady's uterus expand?

When a women is pregnant her uterus expands to 500 times its normal size.

When can you feel your uterus during pregnancy?

Press down between your belly button and top of your pubic hair... you should be able to feel where your uterus is. Always. Pregnant or not.

Can you jump around when pregnant?

Within reason. Pregnant women should never put themselves into situations where they might fall or be hit in the uterus.

Im 13 weeks pregnant should you be having cramps?

Im 12 weeks And 5 days and I've been experincing the same thing and i get worried. I heard it is normal because of your growing uterus but im not sure. I say ask you OB.

If there is movement in uterus could you be pregnant?

Yes the fetus only moves in the uterus.

Can you still get pregnant if you have your uterus removed?


Can you get pregnant by dry humping?

no because a sperm has to reach your uterus and attach to the uterus wall.there is no way that you could get pregnant from "dry humping"

Is it possible to be pregnant after a hysterectomy and uterus being removed and husband had a vasectomy?

Is it possible to fall pregnant after a hysterectomy and uterus being removed ?

Can a girl get pregnant throw her but?

according to my knowledge......she will get pregnant only if she has uterus in her but.....

What does a hard uterus mean?

A hard uterus means an enlarged uterus. An enlarged uterus can be a symptom of pregnancy or fibroid tumors. If you think you are pregnant or have a hard uterus consult a physician.