If you are 5'6 and 114 lbs and want to weigh 110 lbs how many grams of carbohydrates should you eat a day and how many to maintain that weight?

It all depends on your metabolism and how active you are. Remember that muscle burns fat and if your muscles are well toned you shouldn't need to modify your diet very much. Whatever you do, make sure you exercise enough and eat enough protein to keep good muscle tone. But even more important, make sure you eat enough raw veggies to keep from developing colon problems. Low carb diet can help you loose weight, but if you don't have enough high fiber raw veggies, you WILL develop diverticulitis or possibly even worse colon problems. To find out what you need, get to the weight you want then play with the carb level to see what you can tolerate. It will probably be somewhere between 40 and 80 carbs per day, but it could be quite a bit different depending on the way your body reacts.