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Hi, Yes you can still be pregnant. Some times, not enough HCG is in your urine and because of this you cant get a positive on a pregnancy test till your 2months along. The only way to be sure though is by seeing your doctor for a blood test. But not all missed periods is pregnancy related. Missed periods can be caused by: * Pregnancy. * Birth Control. * Not ovulating. * Hormonal imbalance. * Irregular period. * Illness. * Stress.

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Q: If you are 5 weeks late but have four negative urine tests can you still be pregnant?
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Could you be eighteen weeks pregnant still having periods but the last one was a week late and testing negative on urine tests and feeling what feels like a baby move?

If you teted negative on Urine tests and Yo uare Still having your period, then you are NOT pregnant.

Can you still be pregnant after 4 negative urine tests if you have all the symptoms of early pregnancy?

if there is any chance that you think that you are pregnant but tests keep showing negative then you should go see a gp asap.

Can you still be pregnant but get a neg urine test?

Yes. With my son, I had positive home pregnancy tests, but a negative urine test at the doctor's office. Obviously, they were wrong.

Could you still be pregnant if two urine tests were negative?

yes but to know for sure get a blood test I'm on the same thing

Last week you went to two different doctors for a pragnancy checkup they both found nothing but you still think that you are pregnant could you be pregnant?

first before you become pregnant learn how to spell it , it is very unlikely that you would be pregnant if the urine tests were negative , impossible if the blood tests were negative

You still feel naucious after you took tests that saidyou were not prganant can you still be pregnant?

As you feel naucious and the report was negative , I suggest you take a urine test from a new set see the date it will tell you if you are pregnant.

If you are 10 weeks pregnant and having your period could you still be pregnant even if both urine and blood test came back negative?

I would think not. Period + negative tests for pregnancy is a pretty sure sign that you are no longer pregnant.

Can you still be pregnant if you've had your normal period for 5 days and the first urine test came backpositive but two other tests came up negative?

you are most likely not pregnant.

Could you have two negative pregnancy tests but still be pregnant?

YES If you take the tests too early or at the wrong time of day they may well be false negatives. Wait until two weeks after your missed period then test the first urine you pass in the morning. If it is still negative but you think you are pregnant then go to the doctor.

Could you still be pregnant if you tested negative at the doctor's office?

Yes, urine tests can (rarely) give a false negative, especially if you took the test very early in your pregnancy. Get another test done.

2 heavy periods 4 neg preg tests is it still possible to be pregnant?

When you have a period, your body is getting rid of the tissue meant to support an egg. So 2 heavy periods, you were probably never pregnant. With 4 negative urine tests, believe the tests, not your hopes.

What if you think you are pregnant because you show signs but home pregnancy tests come up negative?

The most common causes for false negative home pregnancy tests are testing too soon (you should test 14 to 16 days after having unprotected sex) and testing with diluted urine. You should use first mornings urine to test or test with urine that you've held for at least 5 hours. If you still feel that you may be pregnant and are still getting negative results you should see your Dr.

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