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It is okay to have these dreams but do not do it in real life. If you like this girl, then try to be her boyfriend. Then she might have the same feelings for you. If she is your girlfriend then just wait 4 more years, and if you are still in love then what the heck just go for it, but if not then do not do it because it is very wrong. A human dreams every half hour and most of the dreams we don't remember. It's just the first few minutes before awakening we may remember a dream or a nightmare. It's normal for a person to have such dreams as you have. Sex is part of life and it could mean nothing other than you are curious or it could mean you are having feelings for this girl. As the above poster warned you 'It's OK to have these dreams but do not do it in real life' is true. She's only 14.

If you have had these dreams then it looks like you have found your true love... Try waiting until you are older and then you can try going for it if she is your girlfriend.To make her be your girlfriend you should try impressing her and do stuff that she likes. Trust me.. That works for me!

P.S: If you win her, go easy on her!!

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What does it mean when your friend dreams you're making out with your crush?

Nothing, dreams are dreams they do not predict the future or have any meaning in the waking world.

How can a thirteen year old dream about making out?

In his or her dreams.

What actors and actresses appeared in Making of What Dreams May Come - 1998?

The cast of Making of What Dreams May Come - 1998 includes: Robin Williams as himself

When a guy says wanna go over the pants what does he mean?

Literally what it sounds like. Performing the act of sex or a handjob without undressing or making direct contact with the flesh.

What does it mean to dream of making out with a guy friend?

It might mean that you find the guy friend attractive, or it could mean nothing at all. Sometimes the mind uses dreams to try out different situations and to work out possible solutions to problems. Dreams are a safe context to "try out" behaviors that might be too risky to try in reality. Often the unconscious decides, "Nope, I don't like that!" through dreaming.

Why you have dreams?

because your brain is making all the things you did today a dream.

Why are dreams so confusing and weird?

Because dreams suppress the unconscious wishes and desires. Dreams act as keys to unlocking these hidden secrets, thus making them invaluable to mental health.

What is meant by empty dreams?

The phrase "empty dreams" does not refer to dreams experienced during sleep, but to unrealistic ideas. Someone who has hopes that are not based on reality, or who is making plans without any intention to work or study, can be said to have "empty dreams."

What are your hopes and dreams?

they are a speritual part of your daily night and making your life better

Can you help me make up some dreams for my dream journal?

The purpose of a dream journal is to record one's actual dreams. Making up false dreams would defeat the purpose of keeping a journal.

Who is Alicia Trammell Brummitt?

she is a real female with dreams and she is not a quiter she does what she has to do to maintain and just make it through life and she and her Best friend Briosha is making in history they both are and they are both together a very tallented people and dreams of being in the music ind. will one day happen to them they keep it real with every body and there not scared to do so.

What do you do if your friend like you and is making problems with you and you boyfriend?

tell your friend no back off

How do you be-friend someone?

be-friend is simply making friend with someone. start up a conversation, listen and apply the rules of friendship.

What is Fir Vale School's motto?

The motto of Fir Vale School is 'Making dreams a reality'.

How do you get a friend in bed?

I would try making him sleepy . . . ?

What is the color scheme for the Pooh Dreams of Hunny bedding?

The Pooh Dreams of Hunny Bedding has soft pastels and warm neutral earthtones, making it a good match for any decor.

Is the guy you like's friend making fun of him if his friend calls your name when you're sitting near them?


What does it mean if you dreamed that you were making love?

It means you are a healthy person whose dreams are influenced by your body's hormones.

What is the first thing to say when making a new friend?


What is the present tense of make with sentence?

I am making a card for my friend.

Is it possible for a friend who is not the father to gain sympathy weight when a friend is pregnant?

it can be possible. they could be under stress with making sure there friend is doing okay.

How do you turn a friend into a best friend?

I don't know very much but tell her how you feel, if you do then she will appreciate your thought and she might condsider making you her best friend

How should i ask your friend to make out with you?

Making out is a really sensitive topic with friend. You should ask them with care and patience.

What does it mean when you dream about making it out of a collapsing building?

A collapsing building represents the collapsing of your hopes and dreams. It may be due to you not being able to complete some task and getting those sort of dreams.

Why can't you dream?

Human beings can't not dream. However, some might not be able to remember their dreams.Certain individuals rarely or never remember their dreams, although research has shown that everyone dreams during each period of sleep. Also, certain medications and over-the-counter remedies can effect dreams, making them intensely vivid or causing such deep sleep that no dreams are remembered.