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If you are a guy and your best friend is a 14-year-old girl what does it mean if you have dreams about her undressing you and making out with you in your bed?


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It is okay to have these dreams but do not do it in real life. If you like this girl, then try to be her boyfriend. Then she might have the same feelings for you. If she is your girlfriend then just wait 4 more years, and if you are still in love then what the heck just go for it, but if not then do not do it because it is very wrong. A human dreams every half hour and most of the dreams we don't remember. It's just the first few minutes before awakening we may remember a dream or a nightmare. It's normal for a person to have such dreams as you have. Sex is part of life and it could mean nothing other than you are curious or it could mean you are having feelings for this girl. As the above poster warned you 'It's OK to have these dreams but do not do it in real life' is true. She's only 14.

If you have had these dreams then it looks like you have found your true love... Try waiting until you are older and then you can try going for it if she is your girlfriend.To make her be your girlfriend you should try impressing her and do stuff that she likes. Trust me.. That works for me!

P.S: If you win her, go easy on her!!