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There are more women in this world than men, so you should actually be one sitting duck. I'm surprised you haven't had more than one woman knocking on your door with either a casserole or a baked chocolate cake in her hand ready to sweep you off your feet. If you belong to a church or any other club this is usually the best way to meet women (don't meet them in bars.) Put the word out to family and friends that you are interested in meeting a nice woman and you may get lucky. Also, consider going back to college for course. You're never too old! I was married before, divorced, and dated, but didn't find anyone I cared enough to marry and then one of my best male friends introduced me to my future husband. There are also good clubs all over the place to join and the people of that "relationship business" interview you and try to set you up on a well organized date with the type of woman you would prefer. Be sure the company has good credentials. It may take 2 or 3 times to find that right lady. Out there somewhere there is a great lady lonely just like you. Good luck Marcy

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Q: If you are a very well-educated 50-year-old male from a rural background how do you find a very well-educated lady with a rural background?
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