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check your records by who you are adopted from or ask to see your records or simply ask who was your real father

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โˆ™ 2009-04-27 22:31:47
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Q: If you are adopted how can you find out who your real father is?
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Is birdman Lil Waynes real father?

No, other than their musical collaborations, Birdman and Lil Wayne are not related.

How can you find your real birthday if you were adopted?

All the information about you should be on the papers they signed when you were adopted.

Was Madison Lovato adopted?

She is not adopted, but she has a different father from Demi Lovato. Her real last name is De La Garza.

Is Miley Cyrus adopted?

No!You can tell her father Billy Ray is her real father, you can just tell!actually she is i have read her biography and it says she is adopted and in a book of her life for kids it says my whole family were adopted all my sisters and brothers (not her mum and dad) so she is adopted. yes she is adopted but billy ray is really her father....its lika she doesn't even like her family bcuz she wont accept her real name which is destiny hope Cyrus...

Do Nicki Minaj has a mom?

Yes.her real mother waz killed by her father but she waz adopted :)

What is Edward Cullen's fathers name?

Carlisle is his adopted father, but his real father's name was also Edward. Edward Masen Sr.

Is arpita khan real sister of salman khan?

No arpit khan is not a real sister of salman khan she is adopted by salman khan father she is adopted but salman khan loves and cares as like a real sister and he love so much

Can i find adopted father?

Of course you can! don't give up hope! start searching.

Why do you have two dads?

When your parents got married and had you they are your biological parents (he is your real dad), but once your parents divorced and your mother remarried then the man your mother married is your stepfather and your biological father is your real father. If you get along with both your father and stepfather consider yourself lucky. You can also have two dads if you are adopted by a family and you may not know who your real dad is, but your adopted dad who loves and cares for you is really your dad although not your birth father.

Is it true or not that rey mysterio is his real father?

Rey is his not real father i am not trash talking Rey i am a fan but Rey adopted Dominick and he also fought for Dominick and was married to his wife Rey also has a daughter

Who is Tai Lungs Father?

Well Master Shifu Found Him As A Cub And Raised Him As A Son. Nobody knows who Tai Lung's real dad is. The only thing said about him is that he was adopted by Shifu as an infant, making Shifu his adopted father.

Who is Oedipus' adopted father?

Corinthian King Polybus is Theban King Oedipus' adopted father.

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