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not necessarily. spelt is easier to digest

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Q: If you are allergic to wheat are you allergic to spelled?
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If one is allergic to wheat is one allergic to spelled since spelled is a derivative of wheat?

Yes. Spelt can have wheat proteins, so if you are allergic to wheat you should avoid spelt as well.

Can you be allergic to wheat but not gluten?

* Gluten to a part of wheat so if you are allergic to wheat you are also allergic to gluten. * On the contrary. I have had allergy testing done, and I am allergic to wheat, but NOT gluten. Gluten is a protein FROM wheat/rye/barley/oats etc. I would imagine if you are like myself, you are allergic to something different in the wheat to the gluten protein. * You can be allergic or have intolerance to both. I have.

If allergic to wheat are you allergic to rye bread too?

My son is allergic to wheat and rice and i been wodering if Rye bread was the same thing as wheat?

Why do you test allergic to spelled but NOT to wheat or is that a testing error?

i have never been tested for spelt or wheat allergy but I do know that after eating a spelt tortilla I developed severe stuffiness. I don't usually get that with wheat only products like freshly cooked wheat pasta (organic). I think I am allergic or sensitive to spelt but not necessarily to wheat. I believe spelt isn't exactly wheat per se. So I would have to say that it's possible to test allergic to spelt but not to wheat. My nose does not lie.

Can people allergic to wheat eat wheat germ?

No. WHEAT germ.

Should people allergic to wheat drink wheat grass?

If you are allergic/intollerant to the gluten in wheat you can drink wheat grass as it doesn't contain gluten. yes they can yes they can NO, NO, NO, they can't! Wheat grass is simply premature wheat! Whoever is allergic to wheat is allergic to whatever chemical composition wheat consists of-That composition would be the same or similar to premature wheat. Wheat is to Wheat Grass as Spinach is to Baby Spinach or as Tea is to White Tea Full Grown Plant is to Premature Plant

Can everyone eat wheat?

No, some people are allergic to wheat.

Can you be allergic to carbohydrates?

You can be allergic to the wheat, glutens or yeast in the carbohydrates, but I don't think you can be allergic to a carb.

Can you eat bread if allergic to wheat?

No, you cannot eat wheat bread if you are allergic to wheat. You may or may not (it varies from person to person) be able to eat bread made from other grains (unless you are allergic to yeast and the bread contains yeast).

What is the allergy cauld when you are ellergic to wheat?

Well, if you are just allergic to wheat then it would be a wheat allergy. If you are allergic to gluten which does encompass wheat then you have a gluten allergy. You can also be wheat or gluten sensitive or you could have Celiac disease. Definately best to check with your doctor.

Is wheat spelled correctly?


What are people mostly allergic to?

dairy, soy, and wheat.

Does wheat make you go spaz?

It can if you are allergic to glutens.

Can people with oat allergy eat wheat?

It depends. If you have an intolerance to oats because you have a gluten intolerance, then you will not be able to eat wheat either. If you are allergic to oats (which is different to an intolerance), you may or may not be also allergic to wheat too. Your doctor needs to do a skin prick test to determine what exactly you are allergic to.

Does sprouted spelled have gluten?

Yes. Spelt is wheat. All wheat contains gluten.

Is it possible to be allergic to wheat grass that is gluten free?


What is celeriac disease?

allergic to celery? or if you mean coeliac disease, its when you're allergic to gluten, wheat, barley etc.

Is spelled a complex carbohydrate?

is a hexaploid species of wheat

Can you be allergic to vodka?

Yes, you can be allergic to vodka. Different people can have different reactions to different foods and drinks. If people are allergic to wheat, vodka can cause a reaction.

What happens if you do not eat wheat products?

Nothing. In fact, those with Coeliac disease are allergic to wheat and can never eat it.

Can a person drink wheat grass juice that's allergic to grass?

Wheat grass is not actual grass but young wheat plants, so yes.

What kinds of beer can you drink if im allergic to barley?

Wheat beer

Is spelled flour wheat-based?

Spelt is an ancestral form of wheat, that is, modern wheat was bred from spelt. So in a way, yes, spelt is a kind of wheat.

Why does your face swell after drinking wheat vodka and and not potato vodka?

This could mean that you're allergic to something inside the wheat vodka.

Can wheat grass cause nausea?

Yes, and some people are also allergic to it.