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You should be able to ask the judge who presided over the divorce, or if there is a caseworker assigned to the family, that would be a better place to start. * A sixteen-year-old does not have that right automatically. Legally, the father still has the right to his visitation time. If a father is emotionally or physically abusive, the mother or an attorney acting on behalf of the child may petition the court for a change in the custoday order. * No, minors are not allowed to make such decisions when there is a visitation order in place. Generally the law does not address issues of alledged emotional or verbal abuse as there is such a wide definition of such behavior. The custodial parent can petition for a change in the visitation rights of the non custodial parent, but rarely will visitation be suspended under the cited circumstances, however, supervised visitation might be an option.

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Does a father HAVE to have visitation with his child?

The law does not require a father to be involved with his child. On the other hand, a father who wants visitation will almost certainly get it, altho it can be supervised or otherwise restricted if evidence suggests that the father should not be alone with the child.

Is it normal if you were deeply in love with your abusive husband but now that you are separated and he has a new girlfriend you feel no jealousy and feel almost relieved?

It quite natural to feel the way you do and you are relieved and why would you feel jealous? She can have him! He was abusive and controlling and made life miserable for you. If he was abusive with you, then he'll be abusive to her eventually. You may feel strange right now, but all it is, is the feeling of freedom and getting your independence back again. Just keep moving!

Can an almost 16-year-old visit his non-custodial father when he feels like it and not on a set schedule now that he is older?

If Dad has court-ordered visitation set up on a certain schedule then that has to be followed unless Dad agrees to forgo his visitation.

What should you do if you are the witness of an abusive relationship?

try to get help for that person but do it in steps if you think the person may be harmed if they leave the abusive person. call help lines for abused people. get help before it is to late. something may happen that can't be reversed. i have a friend that was in a abusive relationship and her boyfriend almost killed her so please help that person before it is to late. i beg you

How did Brian emotionally change in hatchet?

Brian was rude before and almost ignored his mom in the car but afterward he was thankful and probably nicer to be around :p

What damages your liver?

There are an almost limitless number of things that can damage a person's liver. One of these things is abusive drinking over a very long period of years.

When dealing with an abusive boyfriend how can you tell the difference between standing up for yourself and using emotional blackmail or even becoming abusive yourself?

Standing up for yourself is simply saying that you will no longer tolerate abusive behavior, and backing it up by leaving it if does not stop. You cannot "deal" with abusers. If they refuse to get counseling, you need to get away from them. Untreated, abuse almost always gets worse with time.

It makes me sad because as I read this my situation is no different from the rest of yours my husband does not cheat as far as I know but he is very distant and abusive verbally and emotionally.?

That is almost worse than physical abuse. That is because that type of person makes you feel like the crazy one, then you start to doubt yourself. He obviously needs counciling, but so do you. You have to ask yourself what attracts you to that type of person? He can only be that way to you if you allow it. You can't allow it, you will become more and more trapped by his abuse. You have to either put your foot down with him, or leave. You give him the power, you can take it away. Trust me I know, I lived with it, and I didn't have to leave him for it to stop, I had to stand up to him and let him know I will NOT tolorate any type of abuse. Jeanne

What are the signs to a abusive boyfriend?

He gets angry easily, hits stuff, throws stuff, that kind of thing. If you think he's abusive or is, get out. My mom dealt with my dad for like 3 years and he was like that. She almost had a miscarriage with my brother cause when she was pregnant he threw her into a counter. I've also dealt with it and it's horrible!

If your son's father has not used his court mandated visitation in almost a year can he return to the visitation schedule whenever he chooses?

AnswerYes.Until the court order is changed, it stands and he is well within his rights to excercise his rights.More OpinionsAs clarification, the court can only award visitation rights, it cannot force (mandate) a parent to exercise those rights. A judge will rarely rescind such rights unless there is confirmation of abuse or endangerment of the child or other similar issues.

How should abusive men who tell women to shut up and be silent be corrected?

If you're in a relationship with an abusive man, you should just break it off completely, and leave. There is almost no way for you to mend his abusive ways, and chances are you are going to end up severely hurt, or perhaps even dead, if this goes too far. There is no way to correct people like this, and there is obviously something very wrong. Break it off. Now. You won't change him. Just get away from the situation. That'sthe universal advice given in any case involving an abusive spouse.

If a man is kind and gentle except when he is upset and then resorts to threats of violence to 'shut you up' should you just get over it and take it?

Please get out of this relationship as fast as you can. I am in the process of a divorce because, of this. My husband was verbally and mentally abusive to me and everytime we would would argue he would threaten to have his friends take of me or he would do it himself and no one would know about it. He has physically made threats to me with his fists almost hitting me in the face. Believe me, I ran for the hills I am hoping he does not find out where I live. Take my advice it will only get worse. Hell no, don't take it. Get out,don't allow him to have control over you like that. It's abusive and violant. Leave and find someone better who actually deserves you.

How does domestic violence affect women?

physically, emotionally, and mentally. it lowers your self esteem to almost nothing. its causes the victim of abuse to think badly of themselves and their life. it makes them feel tense and afraid at all times. it hurts, everything. i was in a very out of control and abusive relationship for nearly two years. it has been almost 8 months since i filed a pfa. my self esteem is gradually increasing and im proud to say ive found someone who i am certain will never treat me the way my ex did. if you or someone you know is in a abusive or controlling relationship, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional, get out and stay out as soon as possible and if its someone you know in that situation, the safest thing would be to tell the someone you trust will take care of it in a safe and effective manner. and oh yeah, support them!!

When has the government almost been abusive to Americans?

One good example - maybe the best example - was the interment of thousands of loyal, tax paying Japanese-Americans during World War II.

i am interested in learning how to drive a forklift. are there any online courses i can take?

No, almost certainly not. Only a parent or guardian has visitation rights, generally speaking. You may wish to consult a lawyer specialized in your area, however.

Can you sue the custodial parent for lost visitation time if you are denied visitation?

A person can sue for almost any reason. Whether or not it is a justifiable case is usually the question. Was there emotional and/or physical injury to the plaintiff? Was there any monetary loss? What purpose if any would litigation serve. Lawsuits are not, as a rule timely, inexpensive or even the solution to the problem(s). A counselor/mediator however, might be more helpful.

If my boyfriend files for a divorce from his wife while in prison will he lose rights to his children?

Not usually unless he is proven to have abused the children. He may or may not get joint custody it just depends, and almost always father or mother have visitation rights.

Does your 16 almost 17 who is on summer visitation have the right to decide shes wants to stay with mom in tx when you are primary residence in fl mom just moved away 2yrs ago?

The minor have to stay where the custodial parent stays. If her mom who has visitation does not send the child back in time it would be kidnapping. The minor is not allowed ot decide. I do suggest however that if the girl is serious considering she is almost adult, maybe the parents should discuss it. She might move at 18 anyway. Any changes in custody has to be done in the court where it was issued.

Can a mom revoke the parental rights of an abusive father who's always in jail who has been in jail almost 10 years of the child's life?

The mother can petition the court to remove the rights, but she can't do it without a court order.

What is the percentage of females who get abused by men?

according to amnesty international...more than 70% of women get killed by their fathers, brothers, husbands, relatives & other unknown men/strangers. but almost all females get abused by men verbally at some point in their lifetime.

Can a 21 year old man be a father to an 12 almost 13 year old boy?

Physically, it is possible, but highly unlikely. The man would have had to be sexually mature and active at age 8, which is extremely rare. Emotionally, it would be quite a stretch.

What war almost broke out between the Mormons?

The Mormon War of 1858 was not between the Mormons, but between the Mormons (living in the territory of Deseret), and the US Army, sent to bring the Mormons into subjugation over their refusal to recognize the authority of an abusive, unelected, federally-appointed governor.

What do you do when your husband argues with almost everything anyone says especially you and then he can be the most giving person ever how much more can you take being verbally yelled at as well.?

There is a huge difference between being chronically argumentative or contentious and being abusive. The former is just a bad habit or, at most, a character flaw that can be corrected. The latter is far more serious a problem. If he is merely disagreeable, you'll have to point it out to him, but not while you are arguing. That may get you nowhere at first, because he's likely to disagree with you, since that's what he does. But if you persist, he may cave. But constant verbal abuse is another kettle of fish. If he is constantly berating you and degrading you verbally, then you may have to seek professional help or perhaps the counseling of clergy. Since it's not likely that he will go happily to counseling, you may have to take the drastic step of packing your bag and moving out of the house for a while, to a friend's or family member's house, to show him that you mean business about getting professional help.

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