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You should go talk to your school counselor and see if she knows someone but talk to her in confidence and ask her for somewhere you can go to get help and maybe she can help you The above is a good source, but you can also go to Mental Health for help. I had an anger problem in my teens (fought like a boy) and like you realized it was my problem and needed to be fixed, so I went to Mental Health and got some great help from a wonderful counselor. It was well worth it and now it takes a lot to get me mad. You should be proud of yourself for admitting you have anger issues and that's one big step to full recovery! Proud of you!

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Q: If you are being verbally and mentally abused can you go somewhere to get help if you are under the age of 16?
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Is there a test to take if your parents verbally abused you?

If you have to ask... Then you are probably being abused verbally.

Are chances lower of being emancipated if your being verbally-mentally abused but you feel you have enough proof?

Rules for emancipation vary from state to state or even county to county. Review the laws of your state.

Where to get help when being verbally abused?

Your local Domestic Violence Crisis Center.

If you are 16 and pregnant can you move out in Alabama if being verbally abused?

you have to move with a adult

Your 11 yr old son is being verbally and mentally abused by father would a court system let him choose to live with father because father has forced him to say so?

Tell the court about it.

Do girls actual love getting mentally abused?

who would Of course they don't. Anyone that likes being abused, mentally or otherwise, would be considered somewhat abnormal.

How do you know if you are being emotionally abused?

If you are feeling bad about the way you are treated or spoken to - and your pleas to stop this kind of behavior went unheeded - then you are being emotionally (verbally, psychologically) abused.

Do women hit their boyfriend when they are being verbally abused?

Some do, some don't. The smart ones hopefully walk away from the relationship when they recognize they are being abused and that they don't deserve it.

How do you know if you are being verbally abused?

If you are being sworn at, called names and things you aren't comfortable than that is verbal abuse.

What percentage of people are being bullied at school?

Over 77% of students are bullied physically, mentally, and verbally.

What can you do if you are being mentally abused by your mother-in-law and you are living with her until you can afford to move out?


Im sick of being emotionally and verbally abused how to you turn it around on him?

Leave and let him find another victim.

What is mistreatment?

Mistreatment is when your treated wrongly. Being physically or mentally abused, being starved, or even being bullied are forms of mistreatment.

How does a person get over being mentally abused?

abused mentally can leads to many problems but the most important problem is. A person starts to get depressed and writing ur thoughts on paper can be a very good remady for depression.

How do you know you are being mentally abused?

a family member tells you there is something wrong with you and you aren't good enough

What should you do if you are being mentally abused by the parent you trusted most?

If your a kid you should tell a concelear at school .

Who should be notified if a child is being verbally abused?

In the United Stated Child Aid should be contacted. In Canada it is Child Welfare.

Would a judge grant you emancipation if your mother was an alcoholic and verbally abused you?

It depends on the state and the situation. If you are being abused, they will probably place you in foster care to keep you safe and properly taken care of.

What should you do when your child is being mentally and physically abused by the mother?

Tell another responsible adult, such as a neighbor or something.

How do you get your 7-year-old stepson to tell you how often his mother verbally abuses him without him telling her that you are questioning him?

You can begin talking, generally, about the effects children experience with being verbally and emotionally abused, including in the context of peer-to-peer bullying. Your child may never open up to you directly, but you can convey your feelings about knowing children are abused verbally and emotionally.

Do men and women have different reasons for infidelity?

Yes, For men it's mostly sex. For women it's mostly being unfulfilled emotionally , or being verbally or physically abused.

Can a sixteen year old emancipate herself if she feels that she is being verbally abused at home?

She can apply at the local courthouse and see what happens. It is up to the judge.

The percenatge of being mentally abused?

According to some claims, thirty-nine percent of the victims of physical domestic violence are men.

What are your rights if you live in Canada and are being mentally and verbally abused?

There are a lot laws protecting your rights as a victim of abuse. The first thing to do is go to a Women's Abuse Centre and then they will put you onto a Transition House so you can get counseling and a good start in life on your own. They will also help you with legal counsel. Go on: ASK: WHAT ARE ARE THE LAWS FOR ABUSED WOMEN IN CANADA? You will get much help from these websites. Good luck Marcy

If you are being mentally abused can this cause you to become verbally abusive?

Yes. Even the meekest person can come to a point where they've been backed into a corner one time too many and come out fighting. When someone mentally abuses you, they are scarring your mind and soul. If you don't get out from under the control of these types of people they will rob you of feelings, confuse you as to who you are and what you are capable of. Tell this person to take a hike! Good luck Marcy