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A. the cereal might (or might not) be the cause of a lower cancer rate.

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Q: If you are borderline diabetic and the doctor said to control it by diet how many carbs should you have per day?
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What kind of diet do I need to follow if I am borderline diabetic?

If you are a borderline diabetic, you should have lots for fiber in you diet because fiber help in melting the fats and sugar in your food and must always eat natural food.

What should someone do if they need treatment for a borderline personality disorder?

If somebody needed treatment for a borderline personality disorder they should see a doctor or therapist. A therapist and doctor could prescribe medicine in attempt to control the disorder and host therapy sessions to find the root of the problem.

Should you see a doctor if you have diabetic neuropathy?

Yes, you should immediatly go see a doctor if you have diabetic neuropathy. Not being treated could result in the loss of a limb or the loss your life.

Is a glucose level of 110 too high in the morning?

If you're diabetic already, it's not too bad. If you're wondering if you're diabetic, it's definitely on the high side and you should have yourself checked -- you could be borderline or pre-diabetic.

What should be included in a diabetic diet?

A diabetic will normally understand what they can or cannot eat, however if there are any concerns consult your doctor for diabetic dietary information.

How many grams of sugar for a borderline diabetic?

Insulin resistant people and people who are borderline diabetic should not (ideally) consume any added sugar and should avoid foods that have added sugars. In addition, you now need to count all your carbohydrates (as well as sugar). If you want something sweet, use a sugar substitute called stevia.

If you are borderline diabetic can you eat peanut butter?

actually beomg dianetic means you can ONLY eat peanut butter. so that should be good practice

Should a non-diabetic follow a diabetic diet menu?

Whether or not to follow a diabetic menu plan by a non-diabetic is a decision that should be made by a patient and their doctor. Diabetic plans are usually balanced and designed for healthy eating. Sample diet can be studied

my left side keep hurting my doctor said my kidneys is borderline can this be the problem?

You should consult with your doctor on next steps and get a better understanding of your condition and treatment.

How many carbs should you have as a diabetic?

Every diabetic is different, something that works for one diabetic may not work for another. Diabetes, as I have learned, is mainly trial and error. Find what works for you and don't let others tell you what you should/shouldn't be eating. Control your diabetes, dont let it control you.

Where can I find a diabetic food guide?

The doctor that diagnosed you with having diabetes should have given you a meal plan, with foods you could eat. There are also diabetic recipes online.

What is the best nutritional guide for diabetics?

Your doctor should provide you with a healthy eating guide for diabetics. Additional information can be found at:

Where can I find more information on diabetic retinopathy?

Diabetic retinopathy is the degeneration of eyesight caused by diabetes. There are many treatments for this ( such as laser surgery ), all of which should be consulted about with your doctor.

What is a sample diabetic diet menu?

A sample menu is just a guide to what the diabetic diet should consist of. You can find one by asking your doctor to point you in the right direction.

What does a diabetic diet include and exclude?

When your fiance's doctor told him he had diabetes, he should have given him a paper with foods to eat on it. However there are several diabetic recipes on the internet.

Is anlene milk good for a diabetic?

Some milk may not be good for those who are diabetic. Drinking Anlene milk should be discussed with your doctor to ensure that it will work for your body.

Medicare Diabetic Supplies?

Medicare diabetic supplies should be simple to obtain with a prescription from your doctor. Major pharmacies should be familiar with Medicare policies and guidelines for covering the cost of supplies. Ask the pharmacist for assistance.

What diabetic supplies should a diabetic always have available?

Depending on the category of diabetic conditions, any doctor prescribed medications should be where it can be easily accessed in case of emergency. Insulin is one of the most important life saving diabetic supplies to have on hand. A Diabetes monitoring kit with non expired test strips is equally important. All your diabetic supplies can be found at

Should you be concerned about heart fluttering if you are diabetic?

heart fluttering, diabetic or not, is not normal. See your doctor immediately. It could be an early sign of a heart condition and may require medicine.

Why does the wound of my husband a month old wound has liquid coming out but he is not diabetic?

It sounds like an infection, and anyone can be infected, diabetic or not. He is probably in need of an antibiotic and should consult a doctor.

Where can I find more information on diabetic desserts?

There are many different places you could found out about diabetic desserts. One place is at your family doctor. He can help you with what you can eat and what you should not eat.

if i am diabetic how can i get retinopathy treatment?

You can get a check up from your family doctor and make sure you should be getting the treatment. Then the doctor will most likely refer you to a specialist.

If you are diabetic can you have breast reduction surgery?

For this you should consult a doctor first. They will do some test than they will give proper answers about surgery.

Is horse gram good for diabetic people?

Some studies do show that horse gram is good for diabetic people. People should always contact their doctor before taking it however.

Where can I find advice on free diabetic diet plan?

There are many diabetic diets offered free online. You can always visit your doctor or a specialist. Doctors will know what you should and shouldn't eat.

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