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It depends on the rules of the various countries. The rules in the United States are that if you are born here, you can claim US Citizenship. If you are born of US parents in Another Country, you can claim American citizenship. Those born in another country are typically required to 'pick one' when they reach the age of majority. It is possible to have Dual Citizenship, or legally obtain a passport from other countries, but it isn't recommended. Your nationality ois dicated by the country in which you were born. If your brother was born in June, that doesn't make you a Gemini.

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Q: If you are born in one country but your family is from another country what nationality does that make you?
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What nationality is David Deangelo?

I am unsure of David Deangelo's nationality. Although his family may have originated in another country, his nationality would be gained from the country which he was born, raised, or registered in. According to a few websites, he is from the United States and thus he is American.

If you were born in America but your parents were born in another country what are you then?

You would be an American Citizen. But your nationality would be whatever your parents are. So your American, but your nationality is _______. Hope this helped!

If your parents are American and you were born in another country what nationality does that make you?

You are American. You may also be able to claim citizenship in the country you were born in. That depends on the specific country.

What is a person's nationality?

Black people can be any nationality. It all depends on where they were born or their country of citizenship.

What nationality is the film star Sean connery?

Connery was born in Scotland, as was his family, and he strongly identifies with that nationality.

What country of nationality was Pieter Bruegel the Elder born?


What is the country of dramar Bose?

He was born in Benzali, but his nationality is American.

What nationality is a black person?

Black people can be any nationality. It all depends on where they were born or their country of citizenship.

What was the nationality of president Andrew Jackson?

Both of his parents were born in Ireland, but he was born in this country.

What is Mandela's nationality?

Mandela's nationality is South African. He was born into the Thembu royal family, the Xhosa tribe ethnic group.

What is serj tankian nationality?

Born in the country Lebanon but his heritage is Armenian.

If a person's mother is philipino and the father is black what nationality is the child?

The nationality of a child depends on the laws of the country he/she is born in. If the child is born in the United states, then would be a citizen of the United States, an American. Some countries recognize dual nationality, the nationality of the parents, plus the country where he/she is born, such as a child born in Sweden of American parents would be both.

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