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It depends on the rules of the various countries. The rules in the United States are that if you are born here, you can claim US Citizenship. If you are born of US parents in Another Country, you can claim American citizenship. Those born in another country are typically required to 'pick one' when they reach the age of majority. It is possible to have Dual Citizenship, or legally obtain a passport from other countries, but it isn't recommended. Your nationality ois dicated by the country in which you were born. If your brother was born in June, that doesn't make you a Gemini.

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If you were born in America but your parents were born in another country what are you then?

You would be an American Citizen. But your nationality would be whatever your parents are. So your American, but your nationality is _______. Hope this helped!

If your parents are American and you were born in another country what nationality does that make you?

You are American. You may also be able to claim citizenship in the country you were born in. That depends on the specific country.

What is citizenship and distinguished it from nationality?

Nationality - is the country where you were born. Citizenship - is 'adopted' nationality. For example, I am British by birthright - I was born in England (as were many generations of my family). If I were to emigrate to Australia, I could apply for citizenship - however - my nationality on any legal documents would still say British.

What nationality is the film star Sean connery?

Connery was born in Scotland, as was his family, and he strongly identifies with that nationality.

What nationality is a black person?

Black people can be any nationality. It all depends on where they were born or their country of citizenship.

What is the country of dramar Bose?

He was born in Benzali, but his nationality is American.

What country of nationality was Pieter Bruegel the Elder born?


If a person's mother is philipino and the father is black what nationality is the child?

The nationality of a child depends on the laws of the country he/she is born in. If the child is born in the United states, then would be a citizen of the United States, an American. Some countries recognize dual nationality, the nationality of the parents, plus the country where he/she is born, such as a child born in Sweden of American parents would be both.

What is Mandela's nationality?

Mandela's nationality is South African. He was born into the Thembu royal family, the Xhosa tribe ethnic group.

What is the difference between nationality and national origin?

Nationality is where you were born, and national origin is where your family came from originally (i.e. your background).

What was the nationality of president Andrew Jackson?

Both of his parents were born in Ireland, but he was born in this country.

What is serj tankian nationality?

Born in the country Lebanon but his heritage is Armenian.

What are the differences between nationality and citizenship?

nationality is the heritage/country you are born in citizenship is the place you reside in (immigrants can become citizens)

What is Milla Jovovich's nationality?

She was born in Kiev, Ukraine but her family emigrated to America.

What nationality would a child be if white and born in Africa?

There's a difference between nationality and the so called ethnicity. Nationality tells you which country the person is born in or is a citizen off, ethnicity attempts to describe the person's racial makeup. If the child is born in Africa, then his nationality would be of a African country, like Zimbabwe, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, etc.

What is the difference between nationality and citizenship?

Answer citizenshipActually, there are three (and perhaps more), namely, Nationality, Citizenship and Residence. Nationality usually describes the country where you were born.Citizenship is a legal matter, that you have been registered with the government of a country as having rights as a full citizen in that country. For most people, that is the country where they are born and continue to live, but if a person moves to another country, citizenship may be obtained in the new country, by applying to the government.Residence is the place where you have a permanent residence, where you spend most of your time during a year.So a person who is born in England, moves to Canada as a child and applies to Canada for citizenship, then spends time in France as a teacher, for example, could have English nationality, Canadian citizenship and French residence.

What is the nationality if born in Pakistan?

As I knew…. Any person who born in any country, he/she will belongs to that country only. If anyone born in Pakistan he/she will be the citizen of Pakistan only.

How long a UK citizen can stay out of UK without losing UK nationality?

If you are born in the UK and have a British Passport with status as British Citizen (British Subject is different), you can stay out of the UK for as long as you like without losing your nationality, unless of course, you have applied for nationality of another country. Even then, you may still be entitled to dual nationality.

What nationality is paul cosentino the magician?

Cosentino was born in Melbourne and is Australian, but his family is Italian.

What was Ronald Reagan nationality?

He was born in Illinois of parents who were born in America. His family was of Irish and Scotch-English heritage.

Dads Chinese moms Mexican what is the nationality of the child?

The baby is both Chinese and Mexican. Also, if the baby was born on another country besides Mexico or China, the baby has automatically granted the citizenship of such country. For instance, if he/she was born in America, the baby will be Chinese, Mexican and American.

What nationality is Taylor Swift and what country was Taylor Swift born in?

Taylor Swift is American, She was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA.

Was Rudolf Diesel French?

He was born in France but was of German nationality.He was born in France but was of German nationality.

How would you determine somebody's nationality if they were born on a ship?

The child's Nationality would be that of his or her parents, the status of the child's citizenship might be determined by which country held jurisdiction over the waters the ship was in when the child was born.

Can you be a citizen of more than one country?

Yes you can. Although it depends on the countries in question, as some will not recognize multiple citizenship: Such as: some Middle Eastern and Asian countries will not allow their citizens to attain citizenship from another country while retaining nationality with their born in country. or A child born on a plane in United States air space, regardless of the nationality of the parents, or plane automatically becomes a United States citizen. And generally (depends on host country) a citizen of the country of the nationality of the parents. Common duel citizenships include American / England, France / England, France / Germany, and Canadian / American. although there are many others.