If you are both 15 and your partner is pregnant can you be kept apart?

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yes, unfortunally you can. And things like that happen every day where the parents separate the couple.
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What do you do if you are 15 and pregnant and your boyfriend will soon be 18 but you both want the baby?

I'm 15 also and 17 weeks pregnant and I'm keeping it. You should definitely tell your parents. Mine were upset very disappointed in me but supportive. If the father of the baby is there that's even better you guys can get through this together. It isn't the end of the world but the beginning of a ne ( Full Answer )

Where can you get married if you are 15 and pregnant and your boyfriend is 22 and will you have to have both of your parents' permission if they are separated?

Answer . \nYou are simply too young to get married and your boyfriend could be up on charges for Statutory Rape. If both your parents have custody of you, then yes, they would both have to sign papers, but if it's only your mother who has full custody of you or your father then only one person h ( Full Answer )

If there was one partner that cheated in a relationship could there be hope of saving it if both people are still in love with each other but you have been apart for a year?

Answer . Yes, but it all depends on the feelings of the other party. They may still love you, but not be able to get past the feelings of betrayal from being cheated on, or the other way round. It takes time to build trust after something like this, and you must also ask yourself why you or the ( Full Answer )

If your partner is not wearing a condom and enters you once but then you both decide unprotected sex is a bad idea how likely are you to get pregnant?

Pre-ejaculate could have still entered your body if your worried about pregnancy get to your doctor or planned parenthood center for the Morning After Pill just to be sure that pregnancy doesn't occur and make sure that you have protection at all times that way sex can be enjoyable and stress free.. ( Full Answer )

Can a 16-year-old and his pregnant girlfriend move into an apartment owned by the girl's father if the parents of both minor's give their consent?

In this situation, the answer would be yes, because the parents have given permission, provided that both of them have reached the age of consent in their state or jurisdiction or there are exceptions in the law that wouldn't make it illegal. In most states, any 18 year old is considered an adul ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant if your partner does not ejackulate inside of you?

Answer . Yes you can because the pre-ejaculate is more potent than the actual semen. Answer . Many men "leak" a little seminal fluid prior to full ejaculation, and it typically has quite a large number of sperm cells.. Yes, yes, YES. . Yes, very much so. In fact, there is an entire religi ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant if you and your partner have herpes?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYES, use a condom ALWAYS.\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nYes, if you have an outbreak near the the time you go into labor, you may need a \nC-Section to reduce the chances of transmitting the virus to the baby when it passes through the birth canal.

Can a woman get pregnant if her partner does not ejaculate?

Yes. Small amounts of semen can still travel down the urethra even without a full ejaculation. The reason pre-ejacu;ate gets wrongly blamed for pregnancies is that men sometimes lie (or don't tell) when they accidentally (or purposely) don't pull out before enjoying the extreme pleasure of ejacula ( Full Answer )

Can you get HIV if both partners are negative?

There is not a way for you to get HIV from your parents if they are both negative. The only way you can get HIV is if you have sex with someone that is infected. -BillionQuestions13-

What do you do if you are 15 and pregnant?

Talk with the father, he has to understand he is also responsible and has responsibilities, then the both of you have to talk to your parents if it is too hard for you to approach your parents straight away try talking to a mature adult you know and trust, like a teacher etc. There are likely also s ( Full Answer )

Can a rooster be kept in an apartment complex?

Not usually. Roosters are noisy and cannot be trained to us a litter box. Most apartment building managers/owners would have a problem with a tenant keeping a rooster. Even caged they will crow loudly at all hours. If you just gotta have one ,best to find a backyard for it.

If you have Cystic Fibrosis can you get your partner pregnant?

According to my earlier research on the subject (source forgotten, sorry):\n. \nMore than 95% of male cystic fibrosis sufferers are sterile.\n. \nIt's possible but highly unlikely unless you're using some form of artificial insemination or you happen to be in the 5% of non-sterile male cystic fibr ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant if your partner has an STD?

Yes. Unless the STD makes him sterile. Yes and you can also get the STD which may affect your future fertility. don't have sex with anyone with an STD yes Yes. STI's don't protect you from getting pregnant. 1/3 women seeking abortion have Chlamydia for instance. I assume that you are talkin ( Full Answer )

Can your fiance get in trouble if you get pregnant and you are both 15?

Technically, you would be both in trouble because you both had sex with a minor. However, since you both are/were 15 years old it is not in the public interest and also it is legally difficult to act upon such a situation as yours. So legal troubles are the least of your worries right now!

What foods should be kept apart?

Or refering to this question:Why should cleaning supplies not be kept in the same cabinets with foods? Because raw meat should always be kept away from any uncooked food.

Can you be pregnant at 15?

you can be pregnant at most ages but hun its not a good idea no till your older

Pregnant and 15 what to do?

Tell your parents or a trusted adult right away so you can get the medical and emotional support that you need.

You are pregnant you had two partners 4 days apart 1st one ejaculated in you 2nd did not and didnt use a condom but pulled out what is the chances of 1st guy being the father?

You really can't know; you will really have to do a DNA test to see who really is the father. You really can't know; you will really have to do a DNA test to see who really is the father. You really can't know; you will really have to do a DNA test to see who really is the father. You really can' ( Full Answer )

How should you tell your partner that you are pregnant?

There are many ways of giving someone the news. Being totally honest is most effective, dont let them find out from someone else. Sitting them down and just talking will work, or even having someone such as a therapist or doctor be a neutral party would be helpful.

How can you know the which partner got you pregnant?

need to know when i got pregnant. my last period was oct 14 2011 then november two days before thanksgiving of 2011 i wiped and there was blood but not a full period then on december 12 2011 i found out i was 8 weeks so what day can you give me that i got oregnant

Will your partner get pregnant if you take steroids?

It can reduce your sperm count. Me and my partner have bee together 14 months and for the first six months I had the implant and on the third month he started taking juice. I am not on any other contraceptive and I haven't got pregnant yet. Although it's still possible and suggest that if you don't ( Full Answer )

If you and your partner both have aids what will happen?

In relationships where partners are both HIV positive, there are specific concerns that should be addressed by an HIV specialty healthcare provider. If you are unaware of resources available in your area I would be happy to help send you in the right direction.

Why should state and religion be kept apart?

Because every free individual in a free society should have the right to worship as he or she sees fit, as long as they do not impinge on the rights of others. The United States Constitution protects its citizen's rights regarding this issue. It is why our forefathers left Europe. As an aside, it fo ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant if you and your partner both have pants on?

Only if there is direct contact with vagina and sperm, but there have been cases when the pants are thin and the sperm goes through them making a woman pregnant. The BEST advice to follow is to not to have contact without protection.

Why are baby cows kept apart?

In regards to those dairy calves that are taken away from their mothers when they are a day or two old, it's mostly so they don't suckle on each other. If they suckle on each other, that causes sores, hair loss and potential infection which would degrade the health of the calf being suckled on.

How a cat be happy when kept in a small apartment?

As long as it is well cared for, has the proper nutrition, exercise, stimulation, and attention, then it should be fine. Quite a few people that live in small apartments have a cat.

Can a mastiff be kept in an apartment?

Yes, but you must remember these are gigantic dogs (a class of dogs). They need exercise and will not get it in that size of a home, they also have a habit of knocking things over in small spaces (its pretty hard for a dog that is almost 6 feet long to turn around, and they don't do the 'back up' th ( Full Answer )

Can a man knows when his partner is pregnant?

He can if he observes her to see if she's showing the early pregnancy signs: nausea and all that. Try googling "signs of pregnancy" and read what comes up. If she's doing some of them she may well be pregnant. Chances are, if she isn't vomiting and tired and eating more often, she isn't pregnant. So ( Full Answer )

Can you get gonorrhea if both partners are virgins?

Yes, if one or both partners previously engaged in oral sex with a partner who had gonorrhea, they could contract it orally and then transmit it to a new partner through the same kind of activity.

Can you get pregnant if your partner shoots blanks?

if you have sex with multiple partners(assuming not all of them are "shooting blanks") then yes otherwise if he is shooting blanks there wont be any baby batter for the love canal

How do you get pregnant if you have herpes and your partner does not?

If you have herpes and would like to get pregnant, it makes sense to talk with your health care provider about strategies to have sex while reducing the risk of transmission to your partner. In addition, medication may be helpful in reducing outbreaks during your pregnancy. It is possible to manage ( Full Answer )

Can get pregnant even your partner is not circumcise?

The majority of men in this world is not cut and the world has no problem having babies. The foreskin is not a contraceptive, it's there to protect the penis. That is how men are born and Nature would not create them not being able to procreate without having surgery.

How do you get pregnant if your partner has genital herpes?

Your hubby should be honest with you and be able to tell you if he gets a break out and when to abstain from having sex. Avoid having interccourse while he has any signs or symptoms of a break out. Wait until it's completely gone before you resume having intercourse. Your hubby should also be willin ( Full Answer )

Can you get HIV if both partners are virgins?

Yes, because your partner could still have gotten HIV from a source other than sexual intercourse, such as a shared hypodermic needle, a contaminated blood transfusion, or other contact with the blood of someone who is HIV positive. In rare cases a person may even be born HIV positive if the mother ( Full Answer )

Why are different zoo animals kept apart?

Animals are either prey or predator. Why put an Elk in with a carnivore lion when we know the lion will eat meat? Also, animal types are natural enemies-- they don't "speak the same language" or body language, so they'd fight and get hurt.