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No. No. No. Unemployment is only for salaried (waged) people.

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If the congress increased the number of weeks workers can collect unemployment insurance would it decrease unemployment?

moderate conservative

What is California ecomony?

How are we doing? Not good. Taxes are up, business is going out of business, and we have a high unemployment number.

How can a business reduce the level of unemployment?

A single business is not large enough to actually reduce unemployment. However, if a large number of companies with cooperation with government polices lead to economic growth, this will create jobs and reduce the levels of unemployment.

If a teacher collects unemployment over the summer when can they retire?

If you have a contract for the next year you can't collect unemployment. You have a job. You can retire after a certain number of years in the system and at a certain age.

Explain how entrepreneurship can be a way to counteract unemployment?

First, the entrepreneur himself would not be unemployed, and second, when he hires employees for his business he reduces the number on the unemployment roles.

If you are on unemployment and find out you are pregnant can you continue to collect until after you give birth?

You can continue to collect for the designated number of weeks as long as you continue to apply for jobs and submit your weekly reports to the unemployment office as required. It would be wise to discuss your "condition" with them as it may change the scope of your job search.

Can you collect unemployment and severance pay at the same time in Maryland?

No, you can collect once your payments cease. If receiving a lump sum, they will calculate the number of equivalent weeks of pay and you will not be eligible for benefits during that time.

If you have lost your home and have to move to another state can you collect unemployment?

Unemployment is not related to your housing situation; there are other benefits that cover that. Unemployment can only be collected if you have no job, usually with additional requirements such as having worked a certain period within the last number of months or years, and that you are activly seeking work.

Can you get unemployment after working 2 months?

Whether or not you are eligible for unemployment benefits depends on a lot of factors (i.e. the state you live in, the amount of time you worked at your job, the number of hours worked, the nature of the employment) but only working at a job for 2 months you would probably not be eligible to collect unemployment benefits.

You collect SSDI and was also working part time can you collect New York state unemployment insurance?

Just an FYI: When there's any change in status, you should contact the NYS unemployment ins. agency. Their number is listed on their website. While SSDI is not a financial-need program, it assumes you are considered disabled enough not to either work or continue doing what you used to do when you collect it. In my situation, SSDI encouraged me to continue applying for jobs (I did) while I waited to be approved. However, once approved I notified NYS U.I. and they've requested I fill out a questionnaire/form describing why I can continue collecting unemployment while collecting SSDI. If you do not call them, they may ask to be paid back. If I can continue to collect U.I. (pending their review), I will notify SSDI of the payments I'm receiving. Unemployment insurance is generally based on State law. However, you can apply for and collect unemployment insurance benefits because SSDI is not a financial-need-based program, while unemployment is. Therefore your SSDI should not affect your eligibility for unemployment benefits in New York.

What are the total number of weeks you can collect unemployment benefits in Illinois?

You receive unemployment benefits in Illinois for up to 26 weeks in the normal period. You may receive up to 33weeks of extended benefits under certain circumstances. See the Related Link below.

If you quit can you ask your employer to say that you are fired so you can collect unemployment?

Well by asking your employer to "say you are fired" you are not only lying but also disqualifying yourself from unemployment benefits because being fired from your job is a bar to collecting unemployment. To qualify for unemployment insurance benefits, a worker must:* Have worked a certain number of weeks during the year* Have earned a certain amount of money in the past year* Be actively looking for work* Be unemployed through no fault of his ownQuitting without a valid reason or getting fired do not meet the above qualiications1.)

How do i Collect unemployment insurance in NYS?

The simple answer is call the TCC at 1-888-209-8124 call wit h your preious employers information, your social security number, and you driver's license number. They will determine if you qualify or not.

How much does a beer cap weigh?

This experiment you may easily perform yourself. Just collect a number of caps, weigh them, and divide that weight by the number of caps in the group.

To what extent does the existence of unemployment benefits increase the duration of unemployment?

The increase in duration of unemployment is mainly due to the fact of jobs not being available. If 5 workers are applying for every available job, unemployment continues until the number of jobs can match the number of applicants. Some people receiving benefits may choose to collect instead of working, but even they are required to continue looking for full time employment. The benefits merely help the searchers survive until they find employment.

Can you start a Florida Corporation while you receive Florida Unemployment Benefits?

Yes, a corporation is a separate business entity and has its own tax identification number.

Can you collect unemployment in minnesota when you have received a severance?

In my state (not Minn) my colleague and I were layed off at the same time with a one-time severance payment. He got unemployment immediately, I had to wait until my severance pay was finished (the number of week's pay my severance was) before I started my unemployment. So it not only depends on your state, it depends on who does your case. The good news is that we both got the same amount of unemployment $, mine was just delayed.

Can you receive unemployment after settling your workers comp claim?

Workers Compensation and unemployment benefits are two entirely different systems and so your workers compensation settlement should not hold any bearing on whether you can collect unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are not an automatic, however. To qualify for unemployment insurance benefits, a worker must: * Have worked a certain number of weeks during the year * Have earned a certain amount of money in the past year * Be actively looking for work * Be unemployed through no fault of his own

How many weeks can you collect unemployment compensation?

It used to be one year but recently due to the economic situation it has been prolonged to 2 years......This depends on the state you work in and the number of Federal extensions of benefits.

What can you do if your employer falsely accused you of collecting unemployment while working for them?

You should gather all the evidence you can to substantiate your position, such as requesting the state's unemployment department to search for any record of payments to you. A claimant must provide his Social Security number and other information to be able to collect. If you did collect under false pretenses, the state could file fraud charges against you so it would behoove you to cooperate as fully as possible.

Can you draw unemployment benefits if you are 17?

If you were laid off or fired from a full time, you may be able to collect. Eligibility depends on the number of hours you worked over how many quarters for that company. If you were part time, probably not.

Can you collect both unemployment and Social Security benefits in California at the same time?

You can collect Social Security and UI benefits at the same time.You really have to dig for it on the California EDD site, but the EDD does state:This is easier . Go to the CA EDD Unemployment website in the Related Link below. There are 2 drop down menus. Select a category - Unemployment benefits and Select a topic about Unemployment Insurance Benefits - OtherSocial Security and Pensions. As soon as you do that, the answer below pops up."Social Security Benefits are not deducted from your weekly Unemployment Insurance benefits, however, some other pensions may be deductible. If you have additional questions Call EDD or click the Continue button below"More Information:Yes. If you are ready, willing and able to work you can collect unemployment and it makes no difference if you are collecting Social Security. Unemployment has to do with loss of work through no fault of your own. Social Security is a Federal Program that you contributed to during your working years and eligibility for it is to be at least 62 years of age, have worked a minimum number of years, and has no relevancy whether you are working or not when you start to collect it. You get the least amount when you apply early, and the amount you receive may be reduced depending on your age and amount you earn while collecting. Look up the Related Link below, as it relates to California, especially II.Eligible.HH.

If you are fired for attendance can you get unemployment in the state of Alabama?

Probably not. In order to be eligible to collect unemployment benefits you must meet a series of requirements, the main one of which is that you may not be fired (or lose your job at any fault of your own). Additionally, To qualify for unemployment insurance benefits, a worker must: * Have worked a certain number of weeks during the year * Have earned a certain amount of money in the past year * Be actively looking for work

What kind of impact does unemployment benefits have on the unemployment rate?

The greater the unemployment benefits, the longer one will stay unemployed. This may also increase the number of people that will become unemployed; thereby increasing the unemployment rate.

Which policies will help reduce the number of unemployment in an economy?

Well if anyone knew the answer to that there'd be less unemployment wouldn't there?