If you are coming to the US for your job and your wife is pregnant will her pregnancy be covered by the companys group insurance?

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Yes. For documentation see www.SteveShorr.com/maternity.htm
and United States Code 26 U.S.C.A. section 9801(d);
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Will insurance cover your nose job?

Answer It depends on your insurance and reason for having the procedure. Your nose job may be covered by your insurance if your procedure is enhancing the function of your nose (ex: relieving swelling, extreme sinus pressure, or breathing problems, etc). If your procedure is purely cosmetic, the ch ( Full Answer )

If you are pregnant but getting married will your husband's insurance cover the pregnancy after you get married?

Yes, if it's a Employer Group plan. Can a preexisting condition exclusion be applied to my coverage because I'm pregnant? No. Pregnancy can never be subject to a preexisting condition exclusion in group health plans. http://www.cms.hhs.gov/hipaa/online/Group/Family/Pregnancy_content.asp?record=48002 ( Full Answer )

Under HIPPAA if a pregnant worker leaves job and within 63 days husband takes a new job with group coverage will it cover the pregnancy preexisting?

Answer . Only if she was covered by a qualified group plan and elected COBRA can she be added to husbands with no lapse in coverage, thus not pre-existing. You may want to check your state, but my understanding is you have 90 day to elect Cobra and 90 days to pay, but you will owe from day one t ( Full Answer )

Is there an insurance company that a pest control company can use to cover termite damage on their contracts?

Answer . I have not heard of any such company, because the liability would be far too high. But it could very well exist, but I have been in the business for 10 years now and have never heard of such a thing. Normally it is the pest company that did the termite treatment that handles any repairs ( Full Answer )

If your wife switches from the insurance at her job to the insurance at your job will her pregnancy still be covered?

Perhaps not . If any agent tells you that your wife's pre-existing pregnancy is covered, get it in writing. Twenty-three years ago, I wound up paying the whole bill for my first child's delivery when my wife's employer changed insurance companies. The new company said they were not required to ( Full Answer )

If you are pregnant can you change insurance companies and still be covered?

Answer . If it's an Individual Plan, I doubt that you will find any company to take you. Here's underwriting disclosure for CA http://www.insurance.ca.gov/0100-consumers/0070-health-issues/ind-health-insurance-underwriting-ab-356.cfm. If it's a group plan, yes you're covered. It's the law.

I have an indiviual policy with an insurance company I can purchase a group policy through my employer Its with the same insurance company Can I use both policies?

Answer . Two different policies (different policy ID numbers) should mean you should not have to pay anything out of pocket. The primary will pick up 80% (in most cases), and the secondary should pick up what the primary didn't pay. This usually includes deductibles, but that would depend on how ( Full Answer )

If you lost a job that had no medical insurance would a job that your 5 month pregnant wife is about to start be covered?

More and more insurances are beginning to cover pregnancy that is pre-existing.. The only way to find out for sure is ask the insurance or the company that she is going to work for should have someone that knows the insurance plans.. In a group insurance plan, pregnancy cannot be considered a pree ( Full Answer )

What insurance companies cover suicides?

Life Insurance Companies do not cover suicide, subject to the "Suicide Clause" limitation in all life insurance policies. The suicide clause stats that no death payment will be made if an insured commits suicide within the first two years (one year in Colorado) that the policy is in force.. This cl ( Full Answer )

Can husband get insurance while wife is pregnant?

This may vary between companies. I write applications for BlueCross BlueShield of Florida, and neither the expectant mother nor expectant father is eligible for coverage until after the baby is born. Also, the baby itself needs to be six weeks old before it will be eligible for coverage. You can che ( Full Answer )

What insurance companies cover infertility?

Many insurance companies do not cover infertility unless mandated to do so. Many states have such mandates, but they apply to employers with 50 or more employees. Check out the laws in your state. You can purchase supplemental health insurance, which will cover your maternity leave and possible p ( Full Answer )

If you have medical insurance but not pregnancy does medicad cover pregnancy?

\nHey what do you mean? Are you referring to child delivery cost? If they are covered by insurance or not? Well, if that is the case, the price will vary from location. In case you are in Canada and you have health care, you will pay nothing, and if you are fro Utah it is $16000. \nSource: http://ww ( Full Answer )

Is there an insurance company for pregnant dogs?

There is an insurance company for vet services, but it is pretty expensive. I tried it once and dropped it. Not sure if they would cover a dog with a "preexisting condition." Call your vet they have the forms for the company.

Is key man insurance taxable to the person covered as is the case on group-term life insurance paid by an employer's company over 50K?

Key person life insurance is coverage on the life of a key employee and payable to the employer upon that employee's death. The purpose is to protect the company from the financial loss associated with the loss of the employee. Since the employee in no way benefits from a key person life insuranc ( Full Answer )

Do insurance companies cover pregnancy delivery expenses?

Many health insurance companies will provide maternity coverage on their policies. It is important that the policyholder specifically request a maternity benefit on a plan if they wish to receive this cover at some later date. Typically, a maternity benefit will be attached to a waiting period. T ( Full Answer )

If you are diagnosed with ms while employed and insured by one company but want to switch jobs will the insurance at the new job cover you?

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act . The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted several years ago to address "Pre-Existing Conditions", which is what you are describing. HIPAA is very specific on how Health Insurance companies can treat you and AN ( Full Answer )

Is there any insurance company which will cover IVF?

Some insurance programs cover IVF. Several states mandate that fertility treatments be covered by employers with more than 50 employees. Check your state insurance department for more details. You can purchase supplemental health insurance in all 50 states, with employers with 3 or more employees ( Full Answer )

Your husband is leaving his current job to take another job both husband and wife are covered under this employers health insurance can both parties be enrolled in the wifes insurance as prim coverage?

You should be able to. You typically can join your company's group plan during open enrollment, or after a qualifying event. Losing coverage from your husband's employer should be considered a qualifying event. Usually you have a limited time frame to make this change. If all else fails you may lo ( Full Answer )

Is this rightMy Landord is telling us that after extensive water damage was done froma leak in the bathroom sink that his insurance company will not come out to investigate and will not cover damages?

Landlords Extended Coverage? . Yes, he is telling you the truth. If there is no extended coverage for leaking pipes or faucets then they will not come out, there would be no reason to do so. . Someone needs to hire a plumber. Most leaky sinks are easy fixes. . There is no reason for an insurance ( Full Answer )

If pregnant and change insurance which covers?

Answer As always it depends on the policy. Most of the time everything is covered by the policy that you're on on the day you deliver. Labs and ultrasounds generally fall on whichever policy was in effect on the date of service. Occasionally some policies won't cover prenatal visits prior to cove ( Full Answer )

What insurance company covers circumcision?

Many of them now don't cover routine circumcision, but most will cover it to correct a problem. There enough debate about its benefits to let insurance companies classify circ'ing as not necessary. For adult men, if it's just to look better, it's cosmetic and very rarely covered. For infants, most c ( Full Answer )

Is your health insurance covered if changing jobs?

I'm not sure what you mean by "covered". However, if the company you are leaving has at least 20 full time employees, you can pay to keep your coverage under COBRA until your new employer's coverage kicks in. However, COBRA rates are quite high as they are the rates your employer pays. Most states h ( Full Answer )

What does health insurance cover during pregnancy?

The plan will cover all essential care during your pregnancy whcih incudes but is not limited to the costs of hospitalization and surgery related to the birth or the pregnancy. Any drugs medicaly necessary are also covered during this period.

Which insurance companies will cover a classic car?

Geico, AMIG, 21st Century, The Hartford and Hagerty are some of the insurance companies that will insure classic cars. Classic car insurance is handled differently than regular car insurance, so one needs to make sure they fully understand the coverage and limitations before purchasing.

What insurance companies have 50 life cover?

The most popular company that has 50 life cover insurance is MetLife. Some other companies that have 50 life cover insurance are Aetna Group, Allstate, State Farm, Liberty Mutual and many more.

Which insurance company will ambulance cover?

Normal medical care usually doesn't cover the cost for ambulance. It is important to check with any local or national private insurance company if they cover ambulance fees or not, as some people who opt for private insurance assume the ambulance is also covered, but later discover the opposite.

Is your wife covered if she is not named in collision insurance?

In the US, apparently, you are required to list all householdresidents and anyone who drives your vehicles. Why would you nothave your spouse listed on our policy as a driver unless she has abad driving record and you don't want to pay the additionalpremium. Guess what. Since you don't want to pay t ( Full Answer )