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Depending on size of pool -- add at least a gallon of 12% chlorine brush the pool and run the equipment as normal. Check and add or adjust chemicals upon your return. Or use your neighbor and have him add X amount of chlorine or hire a pool tech for that period. Most will have a package price for you.

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How clean a tank with sodium chloride deposit?

Fill with water, maintain 2-3 days, stir, empty the tank; wash again with hot water.

How often should you clean the bathroom cup?

Get disposable Dixie cups, or clean it once about every two days. After a couple of hours, bacteria populates water quickly. So as long as you don't leave water in there 2-3 days should be good.

How do you clean your system from crystal meth?

Sweat It Out / or ALOT Of Water & Excercise You Should Be Completely Clean In 2-4 Days.... From Urine Not From Blood

How often should you clean the monitor?

You should make sure that its in a clean place but you should clean it every few days

Do horses have to have freash clean water at all times?

They should have it all the time, but try not to let them go to long without clean water(i.e. 2-5 days). Hope that answers your question!

If you smoked ten days ago should you be clean from marijuana?

No,It takes approximately 3-4 weeks in order for your body to clean itself out. But if you are trying to get rid of it fast, you should drink LOTS of water.

Can drinking water clean out your system for THC?

Yes, eight ounces six times a day for thirty days should do it.

How fast can you clean your system with water?

6 Days.

Why do elephant bath on hot days do they just want to clean they cant get clean in muddy water may be its the way the water evaporates that matters?

They bath on hot days because hot days are hot....

How often should you clean your turtles tank?

you should clean your turtles tank every 2-3 days

Why was the water dirty in the olden days?

They never had the supplies to clean it out.

When can you clean the hamster cage?

You should clean your hamster's cage every couple of days.

How often should you clean out your horse's stall if they are in there often?

you should really clean your horses stall from 3-6 days of the week.

Can 5 gallons of water clean your system of marijuana in 2 days?


How often should you clean your guinea pigs?

every 2 days and once a week clean thoroughly

How long can clean urine take shabu in 3 days?

Shabu is the Asian name for amphetamines. Amphetamines leave the body quickly. The urine should be clean of Shabu within three days. It is advisable to drink extra water to help with the flushing process.

How often should you clean a hamster's cage?

The average amount of time you should clean your hamsters cage is about every 5 Days FUN!!!!!

How long should it take to clean a salt water pool that has been full for the winter but covered?

2 to 4 days depending on how much algae there is in it.

How can you clean your body of THC in 2 days?

Drink water and exercise of a lot the more water the better

Can a robrovoski hamster live without water up to 3 days?

No, a hamster can get severely dehydrated very fast, so it should always have clean, fresh water available at all times.

What is the best way to clean your system of drugs?

drink water & wait a few days. only time can clean your system

When do you clean rabbit cages?

AnswerYou should clean it at least once a week, but I trained my rabbit to use a litter box so I don't need to clean it that often. But you should clean the litter box every 3 days!

How often should you clean a fish tank?

I would clean a fish tank about every 3 days. The number of days can change depending on the number or type of fish.

How often should a horse's stall be cleaned if in it frequently?

Well, you should clean it every couple of days.

How long do you have to abstain from alcohol to pass a blood test?

Your circulatory system should clean your blood of water-soluable toxins like alcohol within two days.