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get yourself together evaluate the things that have taken place in the relationship and things that need to better and should be and then work on those things so when you do get back together she'll be like whoa I see your trying to do something to make us better and evaluate yourself maybe things she said about you that you should take it to account and try and work on those things just prepare to better yourself so you can have more to offer her when you get back together. I think that is part good about getting yourself together. However, you need to prepare for the worst, yet hope for the best. You could sit there and work on yourself and she will never come around and that is something you gotta face. Also, don't make the same mistake I did with my boyfriend who has decided to take a break, call or see them. You want that girl to miss you and you should want her to be with you because she wants you more than anything in this world. if she doesn't, well she doesn't deserve you.

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Q: If you are in a long-term relationship and she wants to take a break because she is unsatisfied with the way things are how can you resolve those problems during the break?
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If he cannot trust you, then that is a deal breaker to a longterm relationship. Certainly you can't take back the past, but you can be trustworthy now and in the future. He needs to decide if he is going to be able to eventually overlook the past or not.

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The best thing to do if tell him nicely and calm that you don't love him. The get out of the relationship. Because if you don't the relationship won't workout you'll have problems and argument's.

What does it mean when your parents fight each night?

they fight because they love each other, there is no perfect relationship. when parents fight each night it means that they are having serious problems. the two major reasons that can make parents to fight at night are: 1) they are having problems with their sexual relationship and 2) they are having financial problems. financial problems in the home can cause parents to ague and fight more often, and eventually this can lead to an unstable sexual relationship between the parents. woman need a relationship which is financially stable for them to feel comfortable in every situation in the home.

What does is mean when your ex says he wants another chance but wont get back into things?

Your ex boyfriend sounds immature because it is obvious you had problems in your relationship which ended the relationship and you both need to face those problems to make a go of your relationship the second time around with good communication skills which means no blaming of each other, but solutions to any problems you may have. Don't let him control you; you tell him how it is going to be!

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When she does not want to discuss problems in your relationship?

It is probably because she knows it is over and does not want to admit to this. It is very hard for a girl to fail at something and be honest about it.

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