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Judgment proof is when you are so poor you have nothing worth going after legally. In other words, the cost of sueing you isn't worth it, or having a judgment against you, because they won a law suit against you, the cost of finding your money or property isn't worth it, or the money and property aren't enough to make it worth it. If you have a pay check then it can be garnished, if you have property it can be sold by the sherrif. But , generally if you don't have expensive property they won't bother. Unless, someone is so aggressive that they don't mind losing money in legal fees to get revenge against you legally. They also have to convince a sheriff to take the considerable time to enforce the judgment. If he doesn't think it's worth it, it will be hard to get him to act.

It is difficult to hide real worth and it is a felony crime if you hide it from a person who has a judgment against you if they haul you in to court to ask specific questions about your worth and you lie about it. The lying is also a crime, purjury. I am not a lawyer this is not the final answer on the question. It is only a sort of accurate layman's understanding.

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Q: If you are judgment-proof and have a collection agency trying to recover 1500 in medical bills what is the percentage of likelihood that they would sue to recover?
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