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No, this is not possible. Legally, you have to enter a binding contract with a credit company, and even with a cosigner, no one under the age of 18 can legally enter into a contract. If you are emancipated, then you are considered a legal adult, and then that would be a different story. Other than that, this is not possible. -Jesse

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Q: If you are not 18 yet and want to get a credit card could you get a guardian to cosign?
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Can any adult cosign for a teen to get a credit card?

Yes, but if you don't pay the bill the cosigner will be held responsible

Can you get a credit card if you are under 18 years of age?

You can get a credit card if you are under 18 years of age but you need a parent/guardian to sign for it.

Could the rejections of my credit card be an issue with the restaurants' credit card processor?

It maybe related to the credit card processor, or there could be a problem with your card as well. You could ask the restuarant what credit card processor they use, it might be on their POS terminal.

Can a 17 year old obatian a credit card?

Some of the credit card issuers will allow a person of 15 years of age to obtain a credit card with a parent or guardian written consent. Check out the card issuer for additional information.

Do you need a credit card to have credit?

No you can build credit by taking out a loan and paying it back ON TIME. Or have someone cosign a loan for you in order to get approved for a card or loan but make sure the cosigner fully understands the agreement because they'll take on most of the risk.

How do you stop relative from running up credit card debt?

You would have to unlawfully detain said relative. Also helpful to not cosign for people.

Could You Get Garnished For A 1900 Credit Card Debt?

There were no credit cards in 1900, hence no credit card debt.

Why is my corporate business credit card not working?

It could be that your business has reached its credit limit for the month. It could also be that someone using the business credit card is buying something not business related and the credit card company has stopped the card temporarily.

If I am 14 years old can you apply for a credit card in the US?

A credit card requires a contract. Contracts can not be executed with a minor (someone under 18). So you would need a parent or guardian to be a co-applicant or guarantor if you want a credit card.

Where can you find the visa card number on your credit card?

If its not in your card, you could either call the company or ask a store with a credit card machine. :)

What does it mean to cosign for a credit card?

That means you agree to be completely responsible for paying the balance of the account if the primary card holder defaults on the payments. You may not know if the primary card holder is not paying the monthly bill and your credit record will be affected if the payments are late.You should be very careful about co-signing for a credit card and make absolutely sure you understand your liability if the charges are not paid.

Can you use a credit card for money orders?

you may not use a credit card in some places, but you could use a debit card

Could you get a credit card with a credit score of 586?

TRY capitalone

What is a negative consequence of applying for a credit card when you have bad credit?

If one is to apply for a credit card with bad credit, there could be several things that could happen, starting with the individual being declined a card. If they are accepted for a credit card, they may face a huge interest rate and major penalties for late payments.

Can someone pay you by transferring funds from their credit card to yours?

They cannot transfer funds from their credit card but they could make a check or cash payment to your credit card.

How can you apply for a credit card if you cannot get your own but have a family member with excellent credit who will cosign?

Rather than ask your family to jeopardize their credit, why not get a debit card until you've built up your own credit? First, it assures family that you won't default on payments and make THEM pay, and second it lets YOU build up a credit score. It's far more mature as well.

Where could one obtain a leather credit card holder?

If one is looking to hold a credit card in style, then one could complete an online purchase for a leather credit card holder through one's local Amazon store.

Can you build credit if your guardian adds your name to their credit card?

Probably not because the credit would still be in your name. The guardian would only be able to use the card, but wouldn't be responsible for the charges. The only way to build credit is if the CREDIT, ie the responsibility is in their name.AnswerIf you are referring to being an authorized user of an account, it would not help you to establish a personal credit history. If you mean becoming a joint account holder with the other person then you would be able to establish your own credit history. Keep in mind, as a joint account holder you could be responsible for the entire debt if the other person does not pay their share,(and vice-versa).

Credit card co signer?

i had a credit card in my name i was just a signer on it but i did use it can i get into trouble with the law for this i was given permission by the main card holder that i could use the card

Could you get sued if you put the triforce on a credit card?


How does one apply for a Walmart credit card?

One can apply for a Walmart credit card on their official website. You could also apply in store.

How do you get your name off a credit card that you cosigned for 2 years ago if you cannot find the person you cosigned for?

Contact the credit card company and explain your circumstances. Whatever the problem, you are 100% responsible for the debt that person has incurred. Cancel their credit card (should have been done immediately) and pay off their debt! If you are fortunate enough to have your own credit cards after all this and have a good credit rating and you are paying off this person's debt then your credit rating will not be altered in any way. DON'T COSIGN FOR ANYONE! Marcy

I have bad credit how can I qualify for a credit card?

If you don't need to borrow money but need the credit card for buying things online you could get one of the prepay cards. You load money onto it and then you can use it like a credit card for purchasing. There are also secured credit card options for those who have credit issues

If you cosigned for a credit card and the person defaulted on it and you were never notified of the default can you fight this on your credit report?

You can try. It probably won't work. Basically lenders assume that if you cosign for something, you understand the risk. They don't care if the primary person forgot to notify you that he/she was having trouble. It's not fair, but it will make you think hard before you cosign for someone again. Be very careful.