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If you are not going to breast feed what are the steps you have to take?

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I would strongly encourage you to at least offer your first breast milk - the colostrum - for the first few days because it is so rich in antibodies and good things for your baby.

Don't do anything, absolutely nothing. Don't touch your breasts or nipples and wear the best fitting bra you can to minimise the discomfort.

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Can woman breast feed if they are not pregnant?

Yes, lactation can take place with a non pregnant woman.

What is the characteristics of mammals distinguish from other groups of vertebrates?

They breast feed there young and take care of them

What steps would one take if one would find a lump in one's breast?

There are a few steps one should take if they find a lump in one's breast. They should visit their doctor as soon as possible and have it checked. One should continue to examine the breast to see if any further changes occur.

How long must you wait to breast feed after taking medication?

You should not take any medication while breast feeding your baby that has not been prescribed by a physician. Be sure to tell your physician and pharmacist that you are breast feeding.

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Do you produce breast milk after a breast reduction?

Some people do, but some people may have lost that during the surgery. That is just a risk that the person had to take, because you can't be 100% sure you can breast feed after having a reduction.

How do you know if breast implant has hardened?

Ok here's what you do take your hand and with you fingers touch your breasts if they have hardened they will feel hard. If by chance they have hardened take a meat tenderizer hammer place one breast on your counter top and hit your breast with the hammer as if your were tenderizing a piece of beef. Repeat these steps for the other breast.

How soon after childbirth do you get your menstrual cycle back?

It depends. If you decide to breast feed it may take 6 months to 1 year of regular feeding, some women do not get their periods back until after they stop feeding! If you do not breast feed, roughly 3 months.

Can you take cataflam while breastfeeding?

No! It's not known if diclofenac potassium passes into breast milk or if it could harm a nursing baby. You should not breast-feed while you are using Cataflam.

As breast milk contains blood cells can a Jehovah's witnesses breast feed?

Yes. Just as properly bled meat may also have trace amounts remaining in it. Jehovah's Witnesses simply take reasonable precautions not to ingest blood. That means not seeking it out, while also not going to extremes to avoid natural trace amounts, such as might appear in breast milk.

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Can you breast feed on gemfibrozil?

It is not recommended. However, speak with your doctor, as you may be able to come off them or take alternative medication while you are breastfeeding.

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Do women have to use a breast pump to nurse a baby?

A breast pump extracts milk from the breast, through the nipple, by stimulating milk production. The milk is collected in a container through a funnel placed on the breast around the nipple. There are many types and brands in the market, and mothers can choose between an electric and a manual pump.Why would a mother need to use a breast pump?As the name suggests, position the infant so that their head rests in the twist of the mother's elbow or the arm as she will breastfeed, with the hand on that side supporting the remaining of the body. Cup the breast with the other hand, putting the thumb above nipple and areola at the spot where the infant's nose contacts the chest. The nipple ought to be at the place where the infant's jawline will reach the breast. Softly compress the breast with the goal that the areola focuses marginally toward the infant's nose. The baby is now prepared to latch.

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Will there be breast milk when the baby is born if it leaks now?

Yes,but sometimes the milk can take awhile to come out after the baby is born so don't be discouraged about it!! Breast milk does not run out as long as YOU are using it!! You can breast-feed successfully until the age of 1 but some people do it until they are 5 (do not recommend doing that)

Is it safe to take postinor 2 while breast feeding?

it is safe to take postinor 2 while breast feeding ile breast feeding

Is it harder to lose weight after having a baby?

If you breast feed you will lose weight quicker.

You got unbalanced lactation your other breast has more while the other seems nothing already what should you do?

Resist the urge to pump more or feed your baby more from the full side. This will only make it produce more. Try to alternate which breast you start with every time you feed your baby. Your baby will automatically take more from the breast that you offer him/her first. You need to encourage the more empty breast to produce as much as the other. Eventually, your breasts will produce the same amount and it will be just what your baby needs. It may take a few days for them to balance out, but try to be patient.

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