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If you stop taking the pill immediately, you will bleed within a couple of days. Of course you will not be protected against pregnancy then. If you have time (and can take other birth precautions) stop taking the pill now, and you will bleed, then you will have your period before you go on vacation and be fine for the vacation time. If you are taking a higher dosage pill (30 or 50 mg) you can try and "skip" your period by not taking the "sugar" pills in the packet. These are the seven pills you take when you have your period. Usually you take these last in a month's packet. By not taking these pills, and moving straight onto a new packet and the active pills, most women dont bleed at all and therefore can go months between periods. Of course it will depend on how strong the pills are against your body's normal hormones. I was taking 20mg dosage pill, and when I tried to skip a period, I instead got a very light flow for three weeks! Eeck! A stronger dosage will make sure you don't bleed.


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You are probably just having the cramps because your body isn't used to not having your period, although I don't see why you aren't having your period if you are on birth control. You should ask that!

by having period control pills.

Having sex does not change the day of your period.

Chech with your doctor you may need to change the type of birth controtl you are using.

If you skip the last week (sugar pills) and go straight to a new pack of pills you should skip your period. I did this once on vacation and haven't had any problems since!

Your period can change with age. It can also change with having a child, miscarriage, abortion, etc.

Hi, You can stop your period from arriving by continuing to take the active birth control pills.

Nope!!!! If you mean having sex while she is not on birth control pills. she WILL get pregnet. If she is having her period and she is not on pills and you have sex with her, she is gonna get pregnet.

if your not having your period you probably are pregnant already

If she uses a continuous type of birth control.

you cannot control when your period comes, so there aren't any early methods.... your period is control-ed by the medulla which is the part of the brain that controls the uncontrollable- breathing ect.

The birth control patch normally makes a woman's period shorter and lighter. This change happens with all hormonal birth control.

No, the cramps are probably from your period or if they could be from the 'workout' you got having sex.

If you get your period while on birth control, you should continue using your birth control as scheduled. Bleeding does not change the schedule for taking your pill or changing your patch or ring.

Well you have to wear a pad and change it every few hours and ask your mother

You can change the time your period comes the following month if you are on certain types of birth control. For example, finishing a pack of birth control pills early will make your period come earlier the next month.

Yes, you may get pregnant a couple of weeks before your next period arrives. But if you aren't on hormonal birth control and haven't had a period in four months, it makes sense to contact your health care provider for an exam and advice. While not having a period while using hormonal birth control is not dangerous, there can be risks from not having a period when you're not taking hormones.

A woman can get her period twice a month for multiple reasons such as missing her birth control or having an irregular period cycle.

If you are not having sex/unprotected sex, you can start your birth control whenever you want.

You can only control your menstruation by medicine, like birth control pills. If you are pregnant only carrying the baby to term or having an abortion will make you get your period back.

It's possible that changing birth control pills will change the timing of your next period.

yes, birth control will change your period.. i miss 4 pills once and had unprotected sex and didnt get pregnant. tell her too start watching for earlie pregnancy symptoms

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