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If you are pregnant can taking Celexa and the birth control pill cause harm to the baby?


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2015-07-16 19:23:35
2015-07-16 19:23:35

With Celexa it just says to talk to your doctor. For the pill, I know that you aren't supposed to take it if you are pregnant, but I'm not exactly sure what the affects it will have on the baby are. Just call your doctor and talk to them. They will give you a pregnancy test and, if needed, put you on a different medication.


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No, you should not be pregnant when taking birth control. Birth control is meant to lower the risk of pregnancy.

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No, birth control is intended to prevent pregnancy. You can become pregnant while on birth control, as no method is 100% effective, but it isn't the birth control that makes you pregnant.

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Yes. If you stop taking your birth control you are at higher risk of becoming pregnant than before you started taking it. Especially at a younger age. I was on birth control and quit taking it for a week and now I am four months pregnant.

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Yes. You can get pregnant WHILE you are on birth control.

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yes you can anytime you stop taking your birth control you are increasing your chances to get pregnant. And also to you can get pregnant while on birth control sometimes

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