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Challenge your employer on this question. Much to my surprise my corporate American Express card was on my credit report. Fortunately it showed 40 months of on time payments. The plastic card has my name, but the over all account is in my bosses name and the bill goes to accounting. I never see it. Nobody here, including the owner and the head of accounting realized this was how it worked until I showed them my credit report. So your company may not know either.

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Q: If you are provided a company credit card by your employer will it effect your credit score?
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Does it hurt your credit if a credit card company closes your acouunt because you aren't using the credit card?

No. It will show on a credit report as an account closed due to inactivity. It has no effect on your credit score.

How does consolidation company effect my credit?

When you hire a consolidation company to help you with your debt, you are basically telling the other creditors that you can not pay the minimum due and that you have to lower the interest rate. You will have a low credit rating on your report and if you want to apply for new credit, you can't.

Does having a large number of credit cards lost or stolen at different times affect one's credit score?

Lost/stolen card notations should not have any effect on a consumers' credit score, provided that the accounts are properly notated.

How can viewing ones credit report effect their credit scores?

A misconception is that if a person views his or her credit score, it may go down. That is not true. The reality is, the score can be affected if other company make excessive requests for a person's credit information.

If a credit card company sues you can you file bankruptcy?

Thier actions, or lack, do not effect your ability to file for bankruptcy.

How long does using a credit consolidation company negatively effect your credit history or rating?

Many lenders look at credit counseling as a bankruptcy. If you have debt that is managed and paid by a CCC and the agreed upon repayment schedule is being met then it should not effect your credit score. However, if you plan to buy a house, most mortgage lenders will turn down borrowers in credit counseling.

Will paying your cellular phone bills on time have any effect on your credit rating?

yes, if the company reports to the credit bureaus. You may want to contact your cell phone customer service and ask whether they report your credit with them.

What does a credit card debt settlement work and how does it affect my credit?

Usually, they contact the cc company. Negotiate a lower rate. You pay the settlement company directly instead of the cc company. The effect varies depending on the cc company and the credit report company. It may say that the account is in some type of deliquency despite the fact that you are paying it off. It may just say the account is closed and show your balance (which still lowers your score because it increases your debt to credit ratio since you have a balance despite no credit available.) It won't be horrible on your report though. You can still have good credit despite doing this.

How will a short sale effect your credit score?

A short sale will effect your credit score in a negative way. Your credit score will stay on your credit report for some years.

Does a few late payment internet bill's effect your credit?

Only when the bills are turned over to collections. An ISP probably will pull your credit report, just as a cell phone company would, but an Internet account is not a credit account.

Does the new credit card law effect companies that extend credit?

Yes. The new laws will affect any credit card company. They do not totally go into effect until Feb. 22, 2010. You can read all about it at the article in the related link as it contains details of both the good and the bad parts of the laws and how they may backfire for responsible users of credit.

Does it effect your credit score when request your personal credit file?

if someone looks into your credit report, yes it will effect your credit score. it will reduce between 3-10 points.

How much would it raise your credit scores if you were added as an authorized user on a credit card?

If you are an authorized user of another persons credit it has no effect on your credit at all. It will not raise nor lower your score. The credit card company simple issues you a card with your name on it and then holds the person who holds the credit with them responsible for any charges you make.

What effect will a five year old bankruptcy have on getting a job that requires a background check?

It all depends on the employer, usually after seven years a bankruptcy is clear from your record, even though someone has a bankruptcy in their record they can try to get credit to begin to improve their credit.

Does changing your last name because of a marriage effect your credit score?

No. The next time a creditor or employer sends in data to the 3 credit agencies or requests data from them your new name will appear as a "variance" or aka along with all names you have been known by in the past (if they were reported). This won't affect your score but may cause a mortgage or auto loan company to request a statement of your identity to clarify.

Why Never outrage the person of the employer?

positeve effect

How does a credit card charge off effect your credit score?


If a credit card company lowers your limit how does it effect your credit score?

yes it does fight it and do not allow them to lower it advise them that if that happens you would consider closing and find a new bank. ***JUDE KAGABINES LEXINGTON SC

How can personal responsibility effect your credit card?

Companies will look at your credit report to see how responsible you are with your loans. If you didn't pay back, or we're late with a loan on one company, then another company you might want a loan from might not take the risk. The opposite is true if you are responsible with your loans. Also your credit score will drop down, and if you waste you money on useless items/things, then you will have bad credit.

How does a lien on your house by a credit card company effect you?

When you have a lien it shows on your credit rating, this is because money is owed to someone and not paid, also if you want to sell your house the lien would have to be paid off first, it also remains on your credit rating for 7 years.

Your ex -husband using credit card and not paying which effect your credit you been divorced since 1999?

Notify the Credit Card Company IN WRITING - NOT VIA PHONE OR INTERNET of the date of your divorce (they'll probably want you to send them a CERTIFIED copy of the divorce decree).

What effect does Foreclosure have on credit?

There are actually companies that will work with you for free to buy your mortgage away from your mortgage company and avoid your foreclosure. I would advise looking into this first.

What effect does a credit score have on a mortgage?

The credit score can effect mortgage rates in a lot of differnt ways. If someone has a high credit score he get a lower mortgage rate and if someone has a low credit score he gets a higher mortgage rate.

Does Bad Credit effect getting a US Visa?

J1 visa and the bad credit

How will a bankruptcy effect your credit score?

will bankruptcy increase you credit score over time