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It all depends on the employer, usually after seven years a bankruptcy is clear from your record, even though someone has a bankruptcy in their record they can try to get credit to begin to improve their credit.

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Q: What effect will a five year old bankruptcy have on getting a job that requires a background check?
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What effect will a five year old bankruptcy have on getting bonded that requires a credit check?

What effect will a five year old bankruptcy have on getting bonded that requires a credit check?

Does pending bankruptcy have the same effect as bankruptcy?

No. Some things may go into effect, but things are not totally ironed out with creditors.

Can you hold your passport after you get declared bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy filing or discharge in bankruptcy should not have any effect on your US passport.

How will a bankruptcy effect your credit score?

will bankruptcy increase you credit score over time

Can only one spouse file bankruptcy?

no the pressure of bankruptcy can effect both partners in a relationship

If you are an additional card holder on a parent's credit card account and you file bankruptcy will the bankruptcy appear on their credit?

The bankruptcy will appear on their credit if you include this card in your bankruptcy. If you leave the card off the bankruptcy, it will not effect their credit.

If a credit card company sues you can you file bankruptcy?

Thier actions, or lack, do not effect your ability to file for bankruptcy.

Does having a car in repo effect filing for bankruptcy?

No - having had a car that was re-possessed will not affect the filing of a Bankruptcy.

How long does a chapter 7 bankruptcy stay on your credit report in the state of California?

Filing for bankruptcy can have a lasting effect on your credit and that can cause some difficulties in getting any type of credit. Unfortunately, bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 7-10 years, after which time it is on your to work to get credit back!

What do you think the effect of a background color of a chameleon is?

Chameleons change color by temperature not the background. so,nothing it has no effect.

Can you file back child support in a bankruptcy in the state of Alabama?

Bankruptcy is a Federal process and has no effect on child support. Bankruptcy does not dismiss child support debts.

How do you pervent someone from filling bankruptcy on back child support?

... prevent ... Bankruptcy is a Federal process and has no effect on child support. Bankruptcy does not dismiss child support debts.

Can a court order alimony and child support after bankruptcy have been filed?

Yes.Added: Bankruptcy actions have no effect on court awards.

When was the consumer protection act put into effect?

The consumer protection act went in to effect in the year 2005, The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act went into effect with the goal of preventing abusive bankruptcy filing practices.

What ethnic background does asthma effect?

all of them

How much does a bankruptcy negatively affect your credit score?

A bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 10 years and you may have to answer about it for the rest of your life. Who knows what effect it has on your credit score? Companies that lend money. Only when you apply for credit after bankruptcy will you know the full detrimental effect.

Can you own a handgun when you have declared bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is not a criminal thing. It is a legal and fincnial action that should not effect any other right you otherwise have.

How do you get payment on child support if your ex spouse files chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, bankruptcy does not effect spousal support or child support.

How do you file bankruptcy to get a judgment off your driver license?

Filing for bankruptcy will have no effect on any judgement that has been applied against your dirvers license.

Does bankruptcy protect you from a civil bench warrant?

No. It only protects you (financially speaking) from your creditors - NOT from the court. ALSO: Bankruptcy does not wipe out, or excuse, court ordered payments that were in effect prior to the bankruptcy filing.

Will bankruptcy effect loans for your kids college?

look here:

Does a 20 year old bankruptcy effect loan applications?

Absolutely yes.

Can you divorce while in bankruptcy?

Yes, you can divorce while in bankruptcy. Bankruptcy has no effect on whether you can divorce or not. While divorce and bankruptcy can occur simultaneously, it can end up delaying the bankruptcy process. Ultimately the proceedings can continue and the parties can divorce without issue. I've written more about this here:

Once you file bankruptcy will your information come out of chex systems?

No, if anything bankruptcy is information that will add to any form of credit/background or information report. Nothing "comes out"...although some of the items on Chex may be effected, that effect/result would likely be reported. Basically, you live with the past you create and that is what is should be reported.

Can you own your own business while going through bankruptcy?

Depends on the type of bankruptcy you are filing. Generally a personal bankruptcy does not effect your business, and vise versa. However, if your business is filing bankruptcy, a Chapter 11 reorganization will allow you to stay in business.