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Are you talking about Social Security Disability? It would depend on if you were married 10 years or longer and how much your receiving compared to what you might get on your husband's benefit. Check Social Securitys website. It's VERY extensive. If you can't find the answer, Social Security has a email inquiry section that responds PROMPTLY.

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Can you receive any of your estranged husbands MD SSI Disability settlement?

if my ex spouse dies can i receive benefits on his SS if i am disability

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My husband draws disability from social security when i retire how much will i get from his?

ZERO your husbands disability income has to do with his inability to work and has nothing to do with you in life or death.

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Are you entitled to any of your husbands social security disability benefits after divorce?

Only if you were awarded a portion of the benefits in the divorce action.

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How do I go about getting my half of my X-husband's pension?

How do i go about receiving my husbands old age pension since he has passed on

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