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They will not perform surgery if you are in the "first" or "second" stage of your cold/flu. Its too dangerous to administer anesthesia. The third stage is considered safe enough. You know the stages of your cold and can decide what stage you are in.

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How old do i need to be to have cosmetic surgery?

Most states that require that a person be 18 to have cosmetic surgery without parental permission. With parental permission, there really is no minimum age but certain procedures (such as rhinoplasty) should not be performed on a person who is still developing.

Does anesthesia interract with marujuana I am scheduled to go in for major surgery on my ankle want to no if I smoked 2 days before surgery can the doctor still give me anesthesia?

You can still have anesthesia, but it is very important to tell the Anesthesiologist or Nurse Anesthetist that you do smoke marijuana and when the last time you smoked was. It does play a role in the medications and dosages they will give.

What will a nose plastic surgery cost in mexico?

It depends, for example this center named Perfection Makeover and Laser Center in Mexico they offer Rhinoplasty Package From $3,500 USD but still prices may vary subject to evaluation. You still have a lot of options if you will have it done in Mexico. But I know the above price is the minimum cost for this procedure.

Can you still play football with a ruptured acl The surgery is scheduled but will it affect me further if i play?

You could still try to play, it will most likely feel very unstable though. Also, you can't hurt your acl anymore really, but you can damage your maniscus or other cartilage that is not fixable.

Do trans men still have a vagina after surgery?

depends on if they choose to have bottom surgery or not

Can you Retire while recovering from workers compensation injury?

I had 10 days left until my scheduled vacation out until my retirement date of April 30, 2012. Then I was injured on the job and schedule for surgery. Can I still vacation out for retirement? What is my options?

Did carlos tevez has plastic surgery?

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Why do people not believe that Madonna has had plastic surgery?

Because her skin looks exactly the same as she was a teenager... but still, she has plastic surgery, for not knowing what people do and not believed that she's in plastic surgery that only gives them anwer that she has the sign of a beauty skin in many ways. Sometimes we can't really see it, but there days that you will see the different coming out of her skin.


Yes. He was in a film scheduled to be released sometime in 2016.

When and Where are the Fablehaven movie auditions?

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After open heart surgery do you regrow your veins in your legs?

No, you do not have to. They should still be there before and after heart surgery.

How to Understand Plastic Surgery Today?

Plastic surgery, specifically cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular. There are over ten million people who undergo some form of plastic surgery every year. Alarmingly, plastic surgery has become almost a trend in the United States. Many young women feel the need to undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance. Breast implants are one of the most popular and hotly debated plastic surgery options for young women available today. Another plastic surgery that has become popular is a Rhinoplasty, better known as a nose job. Rhinoplasty is used for both cosmetic and practical reasons. Many individuals throughout the world undergo Rhinoplasty plastic surgery to increase the amount of airflow through their nose, allowing the individual to breathe better. This drastically enhances their quality of life and can actually increase their sense of smell by recreating the passage ways in their noses. Other patients will undergo Rhinoplasty to change the appearance of their nose. Plastic surgery has undergone quite a bit of scrutiny and criticism throughout the world. Many people are against plastic surgery do to the fact that most cosmetic surgeries are performed out of vanity and not necessity. Some individuals believe that plastic surgery should be reserved for people who are in need, such as disfigured war veterans, children born with various types of deformities or people who are disfigured in car accidents or similar tragedies. Plastic surgery has become one of the most heated and debated topics in the medical field. Plastic and cosmetic surgeons save and enhance many lives, but are still able to perform surgeries that serve no purpose other than to enhance the appearance of particular body part. Many people believe that these surgeons should not conduct and operate on patients who are undergoing surgery strictly for reason of vanity. The belief is that the doctors should better focus their time, talents and resources on individuals who need plastic surgery to survive and live a normal, productive life due to some form of tragedy. Plastic surgery has only been around for roughly sixty years, but already this procedure has transformed the medical industry and has helped positively impact millions of people worldwide.

Does smoking marijuana after plastic surgery affect you?

lol plastic surgery... whether you have plastic surgery or not, it still destroys your brain cells and your lungs.

Is Ruth Ruth still around?

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Are paul and Jan crouch still on tv?

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Can I drink alcohol and still get a gastric bypass surgery?

Alcohol can still be consumed after gastric bypass surgery. It should be noted that less alcohol is required to increase ones blood alcohol content after gastric bypass surgery.

If a man have had hernia surgery can he still produce children?

A hernia surgery should not have any influence on fertility.

What is the recovery time for laser surgery for retinopathy?

there is no recovery time from the actusl surgery. your eyes will still be sensitive to light from the pupil dilation but not from the actual surgery.

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Why is my bone still out of placed after femur bone surgery?


Can you still undergo surgery if you have a toothache?

Yes if you have a toothache can they still do sergury inside your mouth?

When will The Hobbit movie be released?

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