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You need to contact the rep for your insurance and/or speak with your office manager. Insurance can be specific to individual companies, so really not a good way to answer this for you. So sorry!

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Q: If you are sick during pregnancy and you have a salary and compensation from your boss that is included in your paycheck can you receive the same reimbursement from short term disability?
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Are VA disability benefits included as income when it pertains to the awarding of child support?

Is Veterans disability compensation included as income when it pertains to the awarding of child support?

Is gst or hst included in mileage reimbursement?

Is hst included in mileage reimbursement

Can disabled veterans VA compensation or his social security disability insurance be divided in divorce?

VA disability compensation should NOT be included in the calculations as income for either spousal and child support. It is completely a separate property asset that is not divisible.

Is a pregnancy related disability compensable on a short term disability claim?

If it is directly related to your disability and that is included in your short term disability policy then yes it would be covered. But if it is just because you dont want to work due to your pregnancy than it will not be covered. Disability is just what it means that you are disabled.

Is disability income included in comprehensive medical policy?

Disability Income insurance is not included in major medical. It is a completely different type of insurance.

Which rider is not included on the 13x plan?

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Can you apply for Social Security I along with your short term disability?

Social Security Disability payments are available to those who have a disability expected to last more than a year. Short term disability is considered to be for six months and is not included in benefits. This is from the Disability Benefits brochure available online.

What do a employees get under a cafeteria plan?

an option to pick benefits to be included in their compensation package

Do you need disability insurance if you are covered by workman's comp?

Workers compensation only applies if you are injured while at work performing your regular duties. You apply for it through the state. Disability insurance is generally sold by insurance companies, except for state disability insurance which only applies to long term situations, and it covers income lost when you are not able to work due to an injury, illness, or other disabilities that prevent you from working. What disability insurance pays or covers depends upon what is included or excluded in the policy. You employer pays for workers comp. You pay for disability insurance. Workers comp is limited by law, how much disability pays all depends on the type of coverage you buy.

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No. Workers compensation is completely exempt from federal tax if the payments are made under a workers compensation act for injuries occurring in the course of employment. They are also exempt from state tax. They aren't included as income.

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Can you received rental income on a second home while collecting long term disability benefits?

You can still receive long-term disability insurance benefits even if you receive rental income. Depending on the definition of the disability included in your contract, some policies may pay a lower benefit, if your passive income exceeds certain % compared to your pre-disability active earnings.

Is workers compensation reported on a 1099 form?

No. Workers compensation is completely exempt from federal tax if the payments are made under a workers compensation act for injuries occurring in the course of employment. They're also exempt from state tax. They're not included as income, so they wouldn't be reported to you on a 1099 or any other tax form.

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Does workers comp have to pay for job search mileage in Louisiana?

No. Workman's Compensation pays for loss of income and medical expenses caused by an injury that occurs on the job. Anything involved with searching for another job would certainly not be included in Workman's Compensation.

Is social security disability benefits annual income?

Yes it can be included in your adjusted gross income depending on other income earned by you or your spouse. Only part of social security benefits are to be included based on a schedule you complete.

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