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Bro if there is one thing in life I have learned is this.. Don't go through it saying... "Only wonder if I...." or " I wish I would have ...." your gut is usually right.... and if it's wrong at least you'll know. It sounds since you were discussing Caller ID she was simply using it as an example and there is nothing secretive about it. If you like this person then ask for her #. Listen to the above poster!

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How can you identify the a caller from their phone number?

caller i.d.:p

What actors and actresses appeared in Wrong Hollywood Number - 2003?

The cast of Wrong Hollywood Number - 2003 includes: Dora Candelaria as Caller Krysta Carson as Caller Kat Corbett as Caller Vanessa Ellis as Caller Orada Jusatayanond as Caller Chi Michela as Caller Jim Rash as Caller Jerry Trainor as Bailey Warren

Where will the caller for this number be 0012102490540?

The caller for the number 0012102490440 is in Great Brittan. This means the person could be in England, Scotland, or Wales.

What is the number for starcaller?

what is star caller

How do you get a phone number that is hidden by the caller to show up on my caller id?

Basically you can't - the whole point of a caller being able to with-hold their number - is to prevent it being stored by the called party's equipment.

What is a caller ID?

Caller ID is a feature on a phone that allows the caller to see who is calling them. Other information can also be obtained based on the plan such as, their number, name, or where they are from.

Is there a free phone number lookup?


How do you show busy my mobile number for perticuler number?

call setting, then put the caller number in black list and activate black list . then caller can not call from that number which you add in black list.

Loop caller tune code for 3 idiots?

what is the number set caller tune in gsm mobile phone

How does one block a caller ID?

In the US and Canada, dial *67 before a number to block one's caller ID. This number varies for other countries. One can also request from their phone company for a caller ID to be blocked.

How dial number to get last caller ID?


How do you find out a blocked telephone number?

If you have caller ID.

How do you get a caller Id on friendcaller?

you simply eNter your number

What does spoof your number mean?

Caller ID spoofing is the practice of causing the telephone network to display a number on the recipient's Caller ID display that is not that of the actual originating station.

Do you have caller ID on your phone?

Today, about 99% of phones come with a caller ID service that is automatically enabled by default. When it comes to home telephones (landline) with caller ID, one could contact their phone company and opt out of the caller ID service if needed. More importantly, the caller ID feature that we have come to trust is not as secure as it was in the past. Anybody can change or fake the number that is displayed on the caller ID with a simple spoof calling card. Be careful and remember that anyone can change their caller ID number.

Caller tune code of tum mile love reprise for loop mobile?

my number is 9811753371 vodafone tum mile love reprise set this caller tune in my number

What does the Caller ID 1123456789 mean on your phone?

I am not sure, if the number displayed is a valid call ID number, but Caller ID displays the phone number of the person who made the call to you including the area code and phone number. From this you an identify the person calling you. If you have a phone book system in the phone and you have saved phone numbers with names, some phones will display name of the person from the address book when the caller id matches the stored number. Some times the number displayed on caller ID is not a standard phone number. Some of these calls may be from a VOIP service or from some customer service call centers (internal on the service provider network) or when the caller ID is masked by the caller or caller's network service provider. - Neeraj Sharma

Can you disguise your telephone number?

Yes, you can get "Caller Id Blocking" so the number is not seen.

Block number from showing on caller ID?

"star" 67 then the phone number you are dialing

How do you get a number that is hidden to show up on your caller id?

This is not possible.

How do you find mobile number through caller information?


How do you unblock numbers on your cellphone?

You can automatically unblock numbers on your cellphone with the help of an unblocking service. There are a few out there to choose from.Here is how it works.You receive a call from a blocked numberReject or ignore the call to startCaller is sent to a computer where number gets unblockedCaller is forwarded back to your cell with the number unblockedYour phone will ring with caller number unmasked

Why would 'Out of Area' display on Caller ID?

Out of area displayed on caller identification either means the phone carrier does not recognize the phone number dialing in or the number dialing in has blocked the number from being shown.

What type of fees are charged for blocking caller ID?

There are no fees for blocking caller ID. All one has to do to block caller ID is push *67 prior to dialing the phone number you are calling. This will block ones number from appearing on either a cellphone or land line phone

How do you set caller tune?

need to call to ur mobile SIM service provider like airtel,reliance and tell them which caller tune to set. For airtel,u can press * while calling to other airtel number whose caller tune u want to set. Caller tune will be set,there are charges for caller tune.

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