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If you are trying to conceive is there a chance you are pregnant if your period was irregular last month and this month and your period is always normal?


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It is possible, but probably not very likely. If you are in doubt, you should really take a HPT.


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Yes, there is still only one chance. This chance to get pregnant is usually about half way beween your last period and your next period.Good luck!

Norethindrone prevents ovulation and makes it harder for sperm to reach the uterus. however if you have irregular period it can kick start your cycle and after taking it you could have a better chance of becoming pregnant.

Yes - there is a high chance that you will become pregnant then

Start using some sort of reliable birth control method to lower the chance of future pregnancy, until you're ready to conceive.

If you can conceive you child will be either male or female; and there is always an equal chance for either.

Men are able to conceive well into their 70s. A man's age really doesn't have much bearing on their ability to conceive.

Absolutely. In fact about then is the most likely time to conceive.

well it depends, if you have yet to start your period, then no there is no chance of you getting pregnant. however if you have, there is a small chance that you could get pregnant, but under certain circumstances, you would have to be ovulating for you to conceive

There is ALWAYS a chance that you can get pregnant after engaging in intercourse ...

Sperm can live for up to three days inside the women. And there is no way to tell when you are ovulating unless you take an ovulation test. You can only get pregnant during ovulation. I'd say there is always a chance of getting pregnant, especially if you aren't using protection. The chances of getting pregnant while on your period are slim, but it can happen.

There is always a chance for a miscarriage when you are pregnant. See the doctor regular for prenatal check ups.

No. There is a good chance she will however, though it does not always happen.

There is a 4 in 50 chance that your pregnant. Its probably you developing or your periods are irregular caused by eating unhealthy.

Yes, there is a high chance to get pregnant a day after ovulation. The window of opportunity to conceive begins two days prior to ovulation, ovulation day, and a day after.

Whether if you use birth control or any other contraceptive, there is always the chance you can get pregnant. Of course, protection greatly lowers the chance of getting pregnant.

There is a higher chance to get pregnant two days before ovulation. The window of opportunity to conceive starts from two days prior to ovulation, during ovulation, and a day after.

No. There is no chance that I am pregnant.

if you don't use any contraception, and you are using the 'pull out' method, there is around a 40% chance you will still conceive

There is always a slight chance of getting pregnant that way.

Not always. If the sperm enter the uterus there is a chance.

There is always a chance of pregnancy. The only birth control that is 100% of not getting pregnant is abstinence.

Of course!!!!!! There is always the possibility of getting pregnant even when you are on your period!

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