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If you have a valid court order you may take the children into your care. If the situation warrants the assistance of the local police you should contact them and show them the custody order. It would be better for all involved, especially the children if it could be handled w/o police assistance or negative confrontation.

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Does janelle from teen mom 2 lose custody of her baby?

yes if you remember she gave her mom temporary custody of jace and is now trying to get it back.

Who is getting custody of Michael Jackson's children?

Michael's mother, Katherine, has temporary custody right now. (Today--7/21/09). However, Michael's family is currently speaking with Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of two of Michael's children, regarding custody agreements. The court hearing to determine who gets custody of the children has been delayed twice because the two parties are trying to make a settlement outside of court. Also, in Michael's will, he named his mother as custodian of the children, followed by Diana Ross.

If your ex husband has no blood relation to your 8 year old daughter will not sign divorce papers and now is trying to get custody does he have a chance?

Depending on the state and his relationship with the child, yes. In Pennsylvania, a man won custody even after the mother married the bio dad. If the children are better off with the stepfather, that overrides what's best for mom.

What are parents rights when children are taken into temporary protective custody?

None except to appeal the decision. They may be granted limited access, after a period of time, until a hearing before a judge to determine the reasons and long term plans for the children. If the circumstances do not warranted this action, the parents will need to treat this case as a father would trying to get custody from a mother. Detailed records need to be kept and evidence compiled.see links

Help with a custody issue but can't afford any legal advise at the moment what should I do?

I've been trying to gain sole custody of my 8month old daughter but nobody seems to able to assist what is the problem with this issue

What to do if a narcissist wants to be very much in contact with his daughter and seems for now as a good dad and you are trying to get a divorce?

He's using the daughter as a pawn. This is a ploy. Continue with the divorce... tell the lawyer you need an iron clad custody and visitation schedule NOW.

What percentage of children that are removed from parents are given to grandparents for permanent custody?

Not enough unfortunately. Usually, if the child is removed from both parents' care before legal guardianship is established, the child is remanded to the custody of the state. At that point, it becomes more difficult (and expensive) for grandparents to gain custody. There are heartbreaking stories all over the place of grandparents trying in vain to get custody of their grandchildren.

Do you need to engage a family lawyer if you are trying to keep full custody of your child?

Yes, it is necessary to hire an attorney if you are trying to keep full custody of your child. To learn more, visit www.lawyers.findlaw.com.

How does the father get custody if the mother has no job and no means of supporting the kids except for child support?

Those circumstances do not give the father rites of custody. The courts grant rights to custody based on the safest and most conducive environment for the children, with a traditional bias toward custody for mothers.Sadly, trying to prove one or the other is the betterparent is a pointless endeavor. The adversarial nature of US courts is such that one parent must prove the other is less than fit or unfit, and THAT is not a conducive environment for children.

How do you switch custody from the father to they aunt?

I don't know exactly how to do this I'm trying to get my dad to have custody. But my best answer would be to check with a local courthouse.

How can you get your wife to leave?

You are trying to get out the marriage way too easy. If you want your wife to leave then file for a divorce and she will probably seek legal advice and the lawyers will decide who gets what and if there are children what the custody arrangements are.

Why would you get temporary goose bumps in the sun?

Your body is trying to adjust to temperature.

How does a grandparent get custody of a 16yr old who is mentally abused by a parent in the state of CA?

I'm in the process of trying to get custody of my grand daughter. I went to the family court buildig last week and was told that to open a case, I have to contact CPS first. They do an investigation, and it then goes befoe a judge. So the first thing you have to do is contact Child Protective Services and get a social worker.

I had a dream that my three year old daughter was murdered Do you know what this dream means?

I used to have dreams of my children dying and read that when you do this it's your subconscious trying to work out your biggest worry.

What is Pearl Jam's Daughter about?

I think daughter is him writing a song for is daughter since he is always on the road and barely sees her trying to show we cares

What the law on mothers trying to take away joint custody from the father in Oklahoma?

Not sure what you mean but she has the right to go to court to try to get full custody. What she do not have the right to do is to break the custody order and not let the child go when itś your turn.

What are the odds of a mother losing custody in Georgia?

Your odds are just as good as anyone else's. There is a new trend of family courts taking children from mothers and giving them to fathers. If you make any kind of alleghation against the father, the courts will say you are trying to alienate the father and give custody to him. If you don't accuse him of anything, they will say that he is a good father and give custody to him. Fathers who actually fight for custody win 80% of the time. Don't believe the hype. If you fight him, you will probably lose.

You want your daughter to be an actress she is 8 please help?

What we want our children to be is not always what they want to be. So-called "stage mothers" have a justifiably bad name. Let your daughter make up her own mind. 8 is too young to be trying to start her on a career.

Where are biggie smalls children at now?

His daughter now 18 is an undergrad student at Pen State and his son is now 15 and is trying to follow in his fathers foot steps in being a rapper..

What is the local welfare office phone number in Calgary Alberta?

Trying to help my daughter get out of her abusive relationship, she has no job ,no money and a 3 year old.how do I help her,welfare court orders for the child,custody. We're does she start what does she need to do.please help me help her!

My boyfriend and he is the father of my children moved out of our rental house for a month and then came back and won't leave He is trying to get custody of our kids what can I do I live in Michigan?

to the best of my knowledge if you are paying the bills there you might have to go to court and get an eviction notice for him because a lot of laws require you to give someone , one even if you said they could stay a few days and they never left and if he cannot provide a home and support for the children he will not or should not get custody

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