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If you have a valid court order you may take the children into your care. If the situation warrants the assistance of the local police you should contact them and show them the custody order. It would be better for all involved, especially the children if it could be handled w/o police assistance or negative confrontation.

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Q: If you are trying to serve your daughter for temporary custody of her children and you have the court order but can't find your daughter can you go ahead and take the children if they aren't with her?
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Does janelle from teen mom 2 lose custody of her baby?

yes if you remember she gave her mom temporary custody of jace and is now trying to get it back.

If a child is placed in your temporary custody do you need a lawyer at this point if they are trying to severe the parents right?


Who is getting custody of Michael Jackson's children?

Michael's mother, Katherine, has temporary custody right now. (Today--7/21/09). However, Michael's family is currently speaking with Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of two of Michael's children, regarding custody agreements. The court hearing to determine who gets custody of the children has been delayed twice because the two parties are trying to make a settlement outside of court. Also, in Michael's will, he named his mother as custodian of the children, followed by Diana Ross.

Can mother move out to another city while father is trying to gain custody of children?

It's dependent on the distance.

You are a father who has custody of your two small girls you are not married to your fiance yet but your ex wife is getting married is trying to regain custody of your children What are her chances on?

see your other question

What are parents rights when children are taken into temporary protective custody?

None except to appeal the decision. They may be granted limited access, after a period of time, until a hearing before a judge to determine the reasons and long term plans for the children. If the circumstances do not warranted this action, the parents will need to treat this case as a father would trying to get custody from a mother. Detailed records need to be kept and evidence compiled.see links

Help with a custody issue but can't afford any legal advise at the moment what should I do?

I've been trying to gain sole custody of my 8month old daughter but nobody seems to able to assist what is the problem with this issue

If your ex husband has no blood relation to your 8 year old daughter will not sign divorce papers and now is trying to get custody does he have a chance?

Depending on the state and his relationship with the child, yes. In Pennsylvania, a man won custody even after the mother married the bio dad. If the children are better off with the stepfather, that overrides what's best for mom.

What to do if a narcissist wants to be very much in contact with his daughter and seems for now as a good dad and you are trying to get a divorce?

He's using the daughter as a pawn. This is a ploy. Continue with the divorce... tell the lawyer you need an iron clad custody and visitation schedule NOW.

You are having problems with your late wifes mother she is trying to gain custody access what do you do as a father?

Does she want custody or access?

You have custody of your son your ex is trying to take away your custody because you live with your fiance is it illegal in the State of Arkansas to live with someone and retain custody?

not if you are the biological parent

What percentage of children that are removed from parents are given to grandparents for permanent custody?

Not enough unfortunately. Usually, if the child is removed from both parents' care before legal guardianship is established, the child is remanded to the custody of the state. At that point, it becomes more difficult (and expensive) for grandparents to gain custody. There are heartbreaking stories all over the place of grandparents trying in vain to get custody of their grandchildren.

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