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Likely years of regular exercise.

2006-08-15 02:49:30
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What can make your butt bigger?

squats or riding your bike for long periods of time can make your butt bigger

What exercise can make your butt bigger and how long would it take?

Squats and lunges with hip thrust and eating of proteins and veggies , it takes about three weeks for you to start seeing results

What sexual position makes your butt bigger?

No sexual position will make your butt bigger. Sex being a fairly vigorous exercise, it is likely to make it smaller should you continue for long enough.

How long do you rub fish oil on your butt to see results?

2 weeks to a month

How long does it take to get a butt if you do excersises three times a week?

Well first off, If you don't have a butt to begin with your gonna have a hard time. If you are doing exercises you are most likely just going to tone the butt that you currently have, not actually get a bigger butt. Sorry.

Is there any way a girl can get her butt bigger?

Sure you can, there's a few different ways. Fat: You can get fat from what you eat but you will get fat everywhere unless you research witch foods will specifically add fat to your breasts and well as butt. Muscle: Looks really good to see a girl with a butt of muscle. The butt muscle is called the "glute" one for each butt obviously. Do things like squats to get a lot of muscle on your butt. You now your butt got bigger when it feels sore... Because you hurt your butt by working out and your body will make it bigger so next time you won't get hurt, there for you must work out harder each time your butt gets sore. Overall, I'd say a little bit of fat on a butt looks okay, but it's not long before too much fat and your butt (and boobs, belly, etc) get wrinkly, which is gross. So, a little fat is nice, but mostly muscle, and do sit ups if you want to flatten your stomach so your butt would stick out better.

How long does it take to grow a bigger butt?

You can't "grow" a bigger butt. You can perform weight training targeted at your buttocks to build muscle, or you can eat more to gain fat, some of which will be around your buttocks. Muscle training would probably take 6-8 weeks before you would see any results. I don't think you'd really want to increase your total body fat.

If you have done exercise to make your butt bigger and rounder how long does it take for the changes to be actually seen?

30 days - if you exercise daily

How long will it take for your butt to get bigger if you do fifty squats per day?

Should not really get bigger but rather tighter and rounder. Also try the 8 minute buns video. Good moves.

How long will it take you to get a bigger butt if you do 1000 squats a day?

This depends on your sex and your physiology. Men tend to bulk-up when they exercise, but women tend to tone down. It is possible that 1000 squats might just tone muscle and make your butt look smaller if you are a woman. Even if it is your nature ot bulk up when you exercise, results could take many months to show.

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How long it can take for paternity DNA results to come back depends on the method of testing chosen and how soon after release you can collect the results. With legal and personal paternity testing, the results are typically available within 2 working days.

How long should it take for a female to get toned butt thighs waist and hips?

Most programs believe that noticable results can be seen in four to six weeks.

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Is getting a butt injection good or bad?

It is bad for you. And illegal. Not fda appoved. And alot of times be deadly. It is still practised illegally in the usa but if u were to find someone that does it it will not benifit you in the long run .Your body naturally creates antibodies for any foreign substance put into it. Thus it may look great and your butt will become bigger in the big inning but in the end because of the antibodies your body creates to dispose of the foreign substance will cause it to become lumpy . You will have lumps in your butt. Brazillion butt lift is a legal way and safe way to have a bigger butt

How many squats should a female do daily for a bigger butt and how long until she sees actual results?

You could do a series of squats several times per day, gradually increasing the number of squats in each interval (say 10, then 15, then 20) and the frequency of each interval. Even if you regularly do squats, depending on your genetics, you may not ever get the size butt you want... but, squats will certainly help!

How does a small framed person target tone and firm their large butt without making it any bigger?

Even if you use weights to tone your butt you won't make it larger as long as you stick with lighter weights (or no weights) and more repetitions. If you were to use heavy weights and less repetitions, that would build the muscle and therefore make your butt appear bigger. Lighter weights and more reps will just tone and add definition.

How long does it take to get muscles?

If you follow a good diet and working out program, you should be able to see the results in 3 months.

How long does it take to get a big butt?

as long as your tushi!!!!!!!!!!

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