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You signed a contract and drove it. It is not new anymore.

Returning it would be a voluntary repossession and you would probably owe several thousand dollars. Yes, it would hurt your credit.

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Q: If you bought a new car and have only had if for 2 weeks with no payments made can you return it to the dealer will it affect your credit score?
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You bought a car for your fiance and now the wedding is off you need to get rid of the car Can you return the car to the dealer And how will this affect your credit?

In general, you cannot return a car to a dealer. You can sell it back to them, though. Selling it won't affect your credit.

If your car is repossessed by a 'buy here pay here' dealer does it affect your credit?

Only if the dealer reports it to the credit bureaus.

When you go to a car-dealer ship do they run your credit as soon as you walk in?

no, they will only check your credit when you purchase a car, they want to make sure that you are able to meet their payments.

What are the disadvantages of auto financing with bad credit?

Having bad credit tells the bank and car dealer that you are a high risk. If you have late or missed payments you'll be charged higher fees and interest charges.

i have 2 cars bought at different time not on same contract they are both late on payments but they are refusing to take payments on one car if i dont make payment on both can they do that?

It depends on your contract and if it you bought both cars from the same dealer, for further information you could consult an attorney to get a perspective from a legal standpoint.

Can a car dealer sue you for taking a car out of state?

I bought a car in Texas, then moved out of state, I still made payments, but not I'm behind. I intent to start paymants up again, but now the dealer is saying that he is going to sue me, Can he?

If you have two years left on a leased vehicle but you can no longer afford the payments can you return the car to the dealer?

You will have to pay any balance due after the car is sold and then it ruins your credit.

Where can I get a decent car with bad credit?

The website Autotrader is a good place to get a car with bad credit. The way that you do it is you can negotiate the price, lease it or as long as you have a job and put half down, the dealer may let you pay the rest in payments.

What do I do if I can't afford the payments on my motorcycle anymore?

There are many ways to pay for the motorcycle--sell it to a friend. Talk to the dealer. Whatever you do, don't just quit paying and ruin your credit.

How does a reposession of a car affect your credit?

It of course effects your credit score. To learn more about your credit score visit either Experian, TransUnion or Equifax. If you can not pay for the car, the next best thing would be to return it to the dealer. Contact the lender and inform the company what you intend to do. If possible, return it back to the dealer you purchased the car from.

Will loan payments on a car start as soon as you get the loan?

It Typically begins 45 days fo the day you purchase your new or pre-owned vehicle. In some instances, depending on your dealer, & your credit stability Payments may be put off up to 90 days.

Can a lender help avoid you having to pay for a car you cannot afford?

When you bought the car, the lender paid the dealer for the car, and you are making payments to the lender, plus interest. The lender will not help you avoid paying him.

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