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No, you wouldn't. If the white hole spoken of in the question is the one associated with the black hole, it is a term applied to the reversal of time within the black hole. How can you see time reverse itself? Certainly you would not be able to see it from outside the black hole, and there are few volunteers for a trip in. Also, no one who goes in ever comes back, or even sends messages out. We won't be seeing white holes any time soon, if at all.

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Can black hole exist in the earth?

We do not believe that black holes exist inside the Earth. However, if the black holes were small enough, they would not be able to suck in large amounts of material, and would not grow quickly.

Can Black Holes Evaporate?

Only Micro Black Holes May Be Able to evaporate but this is not proven.

What would happen if a space shuttle was sucked into a black hole?

Here's the deal about black holes: nothing that goes in can ever get out. So, if a space shuttle was sucked into a black hole, it would not be able to get out. The rarely happens because the people have screens and tools that help them find where the black holes are. Not even light can go through a black hole. Something no one knows is where black holes lead to.

Is there rocks in black holes?

It is possible that a rock has at some point gone into a black hole. However, if it did, it would be so compressed that you would never be able to recognize that it ever was a rock.

Why did people think that CERN would create a black hole?

People believe that CERN was able to create black holes because of the work they do with particle accelerators.

What is the volume of a black hole?

The sizes of black holes vary throughout the universe, and I'm not sure scientists fully know enough about black holes to be able to find the volume of one.

How will Stephen hawking's theory about black holes help the world?

This will help the world by helping us more understand about black holes for when we are able to travel farther into the universe.

Can you get mespirt in Pokemon Black?

No, you will not be able to find Mesprit in Pokémon Black, you would have to trade with Black 2 or White 2 or you would have to transfer Mesprit from a previous game.

What is the spere surrounding a black hole is called?

The area surrounding a black hole is called the event horizon. Any object that gets caught in the event horizon will never return. All black holes have an event horizon. Black holes that have a charge and a spin, will generally have an inner horizon (coinciding to the outer horizon, the event horizon). At the inner horizon, matter is infinitely compressed and then sucked into the singularity. Along with black holes are white holes (otherwise known as "anti-black holes"). White holes are the exact opposite of a black hole, instead of sucking and trapping matter to where it is lost from the universe, white holes spew out matter and return it to the universe. Most scientists agree that white holes don't exist in our universe because they are very unstable. If the white hole was able to exist at all, it would last for only a couple of milliseconds before evaporating. The main thing between a black hole and a white hole is that a white hole is the black hole in the future. Inside the inner horizon, something bizarre happens. Matter enters one of two very narrow laser like beams. One beam goes against the black hole's spin and has positive energy and moves forward in time, but here's the real brainteaser, matter that enters the beam moving WITH the black hole's spin moves backwards in time and has negative energy. These two beams are shot out of the black hole at either end at nearly the speed of light. The black hole is basically a giant particle accelerator. Now I was correct. When the black hole shoots out the two beams, it becomes the white hole from the distant future. The two are the same. Now I know you just wanted the answer to the event horizon, but I just wanted to share a little more knowledge.

Where to get thunderous in Pokemon Black?

The Pokemon Thunderous is exclusive to Pokemon White, so you won't be able to catch it in Pokemon Black. The only way to get it in Black would be through trade.

Can you play Pokemon Black and Pokemon White in the Nintendo 3DS?

Yes you will be able to play Pokemon Black and White in the 3DS.

Do black holes have more gravitational pull then the sun?

Yes. The strength of gravity of a black hole depends on its mass. Current models suggest that the smallest stellar mass black holes are about 3 times more massive than the sun. Anything less massive would not be able to collapse all the way. Such a black hole would exert 3 times the gravitational pull that the sun would at the same distance. That said, if the sun were somehow compressed into a black hole the gravity for objects outside of it would not change.

Where in the galaxy was the black hole?

black holes cannot be detected directly since the gravitational force is so huge it sucks in even the light. in fact, there's no definitive proof that black holes actually exist at all. what we are able to detect directly are the effects of celestial bodies circling a powerful and invisible center. That said, it is assumed that there are black holes in the center of every galaxy i cannot assure they are actually "black"..or that they are "holes" though

Can you get the liberty pass for Victini in SoulSilver and transfer it into Pokemon black or white or do you have to get it right into black or white?

The liberty ticket event is for Black and white only. You will not be able to receive it on soul silver.

Is a zebra black with white strips?

Yes. And it is this way because if Zebras were white with black stripes they wouldnt be able to survive in their enviroment.

How deep is the black hole?

It is hard to say how deep black holes would be. Some are more massive than others. They can undoubtedly warp the space (or spacetime) around them considerably. Even our own sun has an observable warping of space -- Einstein proved this early in the 20th century. According to this source, black holes can be of almost any mass. However, they are generally categorized in 4 sizes. The largest of these, supermassive black holes are believed to exist in the center of most galaxies, including our own Milky Way. The smallest black holes, micro black holes, are theoretical holes speculated to have formed during the Big Bang. To date, none of these theorectical holes have ever been detected. It is conceivable that high-energy particle accelerators might some day be able to produce a micro hole. However, any black holes produced in such a manner will evaporate practically instantaneously, thus posing no danger to earth.

If a dog sees something that is white in it's eye sight what color would it be?

dogs are color blind so it would still be whiteDefinition-color blind- not able to see colorwhite- a reflection of all the colorsblack- considered a combination of all the colorsso black and white wouldn't be considered a color which is dumb

Who discovered black holes 1st?

Philosopher and scientist John Michell gets credit as being the first known to propose the existence of black holes, which he called "dark stars." He pointed out that if a star were heavy enough, its gravity could be so great that light might not be able to escape and so it would not be visible.

When can you trade Pokemon from white to another Pokemon game?

After the first badge. But White will only be able to trade to Black or White.

Are you goin to die in black hole?

YES!!! it crushes everything into a singularity. you would be spread out into data. it would appear like nothing is happening and time would slow down. then you would be sucked up into the black hole becoming jumbled up with all the other matter that has been crushed, and theoretically teleported into a dimension without black holes(please note i think that theory is just BS) where you would theoretically be able to take back the information in the black hole. So yes you would die but THEORETICALLY you would be able to be reasembled (kind of)

Where do you get Groudon in Pokemon Black?

Actually you will not be able to find a Groudon in pokemon black or white. It's because you will not be able to find a Groudon in the wild. The only way you can get Groudon in pokemon black and white you will have to trade with someone who has a Groudon or you can use Global trade.

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