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so u dont harm yourselfs or others.

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How are humans harming Antarctica?

People are harming Antarctica by global warming.

Is this Nessie harming people?

No it is not

Are gypsy allowed to date white people?

If we choose to, yes. We aren't racist.

How are people harming the Amazon?

they are harming it by the shooting down the animals and the amerindians might stave! <3

What religion are people in Delaware?

most People were christian, baptist, dutch reformed, and Scandinavian. Many people were allowed to choose their religions.

What are gay people allowed to do?

In many western countries, gay people are allowed do anything straight people are allowed to do. They can get married, have children, and enter any career field they choose.Gay people are still restricted from marrying and adopting children in most countries of the world.

What is harming the taiga?

=People are harming taiga because they`re cutting down trees. Also them eating the animals in taiga................................................=

How would the earth be healthier?

if people stopped harming it

Are people harming the great white sharks?

Not specifically.

How are people harming the tundra plants?

Air pollution

Why do some countries not let you have a Bible?

In some countries, you are not allowed to choose which religion you are, and you are not allowed to be a christian or to tell others about God. The bible is God's word, so it is not allowed in places where they do not allow people to become Christians.

Why do slugs hurt people?

They don't ! Slugs are exclusively vegetarian and have no interest in harming people !

Should gay rights be allowed?

Australia should be a country with equal rights for all people,as long as they are not harming any other person. Two people who spend their lives together should be allowed the same rights as any heterosexual couple. -- That should be a no-brainer. Yes.

What allows people to choose their leader and voice there opinions?

Nothing or no one "allows" people to choose their leaders and voice their opinions. People just do. Even in a tyrannical government that disregards the basic rights of the people, the people through a willingness to suffer these abuses have chosen their leader or leaders. Even in a democratic society people tend less to "choose" their leaders and tend to follow the leader. Even in a government that insist that the people have no right of choice, have no right to defend themselves and have no right to freely express themselves people will voice their opinions. Some will even choose to not follow that or those leaders and will defend themselves vigorously against these tyrants. What or who allowed you to ask this question? Of course, there are obvious technical answers to that such as a computer, the internet and wikianswers allowed this, but even without all of that, would you still have asked the question? Who allows you to ask questions? Who allows me or anyone else to answer? The government? How do they allow this? You are allowed to think what you will, even if that thought is that you must be allowed to think that thought, but I assure you, if you actually thought that thought it was you and you alone who allowed it.

How were Jim crow laws used in elections?

White people could choose freely but only black men were allowed to vote

How is tourism harming the environment?

tourism is harming the environment by people building hotels and flying to different countries of the world ..It causes overcrowdedness in smaller, more popular, locations. But it's beneficial to the people, as it provides money to them.

Why do people of china chose taoism as a religon?

they basically are not allowed to choose as children because their parents teach them about it and many people in china are strict about religion and keeping it going

How can you stop global warming from getting worse?

We can stop Global Warming from getting worse by reducing, reusing, and recycling or by not harming the animals and their natural habitats. So we can stop Global Warming from getting worse which people do not choose to.

What people don't throw in the sea?

Nothing is allowed to be thrown into the sea. Pollution is illegal. Exceptions made for clean water and some biodegradable substances. Plastic is a 'no no'.

Why did Hitler focus on harming Jewish people during his rule of Germany?


Why did God allow abel to be killed by Cain?

The same reason that He allowed Adam and Eve to eat the fruit and the same reason that He allowed the mob to crucify His son. He allows people to choose their own way.

Three reasons why frogs are disappearing in Australia?

people who dont like could be harming them

Many people are hoping for debacle in animal harming labs does this sentence sound good?


What element is used to shield people from radoactive substances?

Lead is used to shield people from radioactive substances.

Who does alsace-lorraine belong to?

It currently belongs to France. Only the people of Alsace Lorraine should be allowed to choose, not some politicians in their offices...

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