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Yes, but generally those types of sweets have high calorie/weight meaning eating just one candy bar is relatively a lot of calories.

It is okay to eat whatever you want, but if you want to stay on budget you have to eat a balanced diet with calories summing to less than 2000.

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Q: If you can have almost 2000 calories a day is it ok if you use some of those calories on sweets like cakes cookies brownies and candy?
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Is a brownie a good source of protein?

No, most sweets such as brownies and cookies do not have protein. Try adding peanut butter for added protein.

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What is the homophone for cookies?

sweets, suites

Can you get sweets without cooking if not what are the codes you can use to get sweets in pixie hollow?

you can get sweets and cookies without leveling up(cookies)..(only at some levels) an by buying seeds in the garden supply! i know a code for silly sweets.. flower enjoy

Are cookies and sweets flammable?

cookies yes they do, although they have specific flame, candle like. i assume its because of sugar, and sugar is energy. sweets im not sure

Can hamsters eat sweets?

No, you should not feed your hamster candy, cake, cookies, brownies, chocolate or all the other sweets out there. You can look online for a full list of things you should not feed to your hamster. If you want to feed you hamster a treat I suggest going to your local pet store and buying treats for hamsters.

Names of sweets?

There are plenty of names of sweets such as chocolate chip cookies. Ice cream, strawberry shortcake, and pineapple cake are also names of sweets.

Are sweets more health than chocolate?

sweets have less fat and calories and chocolate

What kind of sweets do they snack on in Switzerland?

Apfelküchlein (Deep fried apple cookie)Basler Leckerli (Basel cookies)Brunsli (Swiss brownies, Christmas treat)Chräbeli (Anise cookies, Christmas treat)Fasnachtsküchlein (Carneval cookies)Mailänderli (Milano cookies, Christmas treat)Nusstorte (Nut cake)Rüebli Kuchen (Carrot cake)Schokolade Kuchen (Chocolate cake)Schwabenbrötli (Swabia cookies)Zimtsterne (Cinnamon cookies, Christmas treat)Magenbrot (Sweet pieces of bread)

How are cookies pies and cakes classified?

They are classified as desserts and sweets.

What food group is chocolate chip cookies in?

desserts, sweets

What are the release dates for Unique Sweets - 2011 Cookies 1-5?

Unique Sweets - 2011 Cookies 1-5 was released on: USA: 28 May 2011

How many calories in candied sweets?


What makes brownies so delicious?

Brownies are favorite desert for many people. Normally they appeal to a persons desire for "sweets" and for chocolate. Some recipe's for brownies also call for walnuts, which are also popular with desert lovers.

What category do cookies go under on The Food Pyramid?

sugar and sweets

Feeding your horse sugary sweets can give them calories?

Yes sugar contains calories.

Fried foods and sweets are good sources for?


What has chocolate in it?

Many sweets have chocolate in them for instance;oreo cookies,hot chocolate,chocolate chip cookies to name a few.

How many discretionary calories are you allowed per day?

you are allowed as many as necessary after your daily limit is reached for nutrient rich foods. if you are on a 2,000 calorie diet, and you eat 1,750 calories of allotted calories making sure you have covered all needed calories and protein, you have 259 discretionary calories left. discretionary calories, also known as "fun foods" include cookies and sweets that have little nutrient value.

When making chocolate cookies what can you substitute for chocolate?

you could use sweets or fruit

Why are sweets called empty calories?

Because you don't get any other nutritional value from them, except Calories.

What are the best sweets to sell at school?

Candy......Cookies......muffins if you know for a fact that they are good

How many calories in a packet of fruittella sweets?

400 per 100g

What foods have a lot of calories?

Lots of foods have lots of calories. Here are just a few: French fries Fries Chips Crisps Cakes Pastry Pies Bread Butter Cakes Candies Sweets Sugar Sweet desserts Chocolate Biscuits Cookies Fried food Fried bacon

What does tinker bell eat?

Tinker Bell is an unusual fairy. She prefers to eat brownies and sweets. She mostly eats berries though.