If you can not spell hard words is that a symptom of ADHD?

Not likely. Unless you can't concentrate to cram for a spelling/vocab test or something.

I've had ADD all of my life and I regularly got perfect scores on spelling tests -- not to mention the fact that I won numerous spelling bees.

Some people just can't spell. Some of the smartest people I know (w/o ADD) can't spell worth anything.

ADD is primarily a resistance to focusing on boring subjects. Learning to spell hard words can be done by people with ADD. The key is practice.

An ADD pupil that talks, excessively, may get in trouble. The teacher may have him/her stay in during recess, and copy pages from the dictionary, as 'punishment.'

However, that 'punishment' may, in an obedient person, merely grant the ADD student with a broader vocabulary.

Rote learning becomes the key for learning. Studying Spelling-Bee books, and being quizzed by another person allows ADDers to become better spellers.

When copying pages from a dictionary, you learn the root of each word, and learn to recognize prefixes (pre-, re-, un-) and suffixes (-ed, -ing, -tion). Then, you can focus on the root word.

In the seventies, the word going around sixth grade was ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM.

You can recognize the prefixes: ANTI- DIS-

Then the root word: ESTABLISH

Then the suffixes: -MENT -ARIAN -ISM

Then, you can see the idiocy of the word.

The two, stacked prefixes are both negative, thus cancel each other out. Thus, it becomes a much shorter word: ESTABLISHMENTARIANISM.

The dictionary gives you the meaning, and often, the origin of the root word, "ESTABLISH".

It will then include the meaning when spelled, "ESTABLISHMENT"

Further study will reveal the added emphasis, indicated by the stacked suffixes: "-ARIAN -ISM".

Additionally, reading books like the old paperback, "WordPower" will further enhance vocabulary, and help recognize roots.

Gains in learning spelling are made using the same principle used for effective saving: Deposit little and often.

Learn small amounts, very often. Don't "cram for that exam." Study small amounts, over a longer period of time.

Extended focus is your weakness. You are actually strong in aptitude (ability to learn). You simply need to learn more methods for Learning.

For instance,


is a favorite websight... Webster's dictionary, online.

You just have to memorize the wierd, tricky parts:

PH- for the sound of F PSY- for the sound of SI -GH for F WH- for W PSI- for SI

Many words are much easier to spell, if you apply a British accent. I've noticed this especially when working with consultants from UK and India.

Remember your multiplication tables? Usually 8x9=72, and 9x7=63 have to be memorized. The rest can be calculated in your mind.

Spelling is the same genus, just a different species.


Attention deficit hyperactive disorder has almost notably nothing to do with knowledge (example: spelling). This disorder has more to do with a person's inabillity to sit still or focus on a subject. This is not a symptom of ADHD, but can be linked to it if it persists.